Stimerex Es

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  1. Danny56

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    Has anyone tried Stimerex ES by Hi-Tech?
  2. TRT

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    I don't even know what the hell that is.
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  3. Just googled it. [1] And just by reading the first paragraph it has a striking resemblance of these shitty TV commercials.
  4. 25 mg of Ephedra. Big no, no in the US. :mad:
  5. smugface

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    It's just ephedra extract. Not alkaloids like the original Ripped Fuel. The alkaloids are what's banned in the US. The effects are no where near the same.
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  6. Ripped Fuel was so awesome. Ooooh memories.
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  7. Danny56

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  8. BigNattyDaddy

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    Something new on here every day o_O
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