@stinkfingger are you a cop

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    look man. Not to start drama. All I know is 1) you receive Aden that has some sorts problem at the post office

    now trenity is gone

    and months ago I gave u a website source for a certain product. That entire fuckin company disappeared in the last month or two. They’d been around for years until I told you that source.

    maybe I’m far off by this but all I know is 1) my source I gave u is fuckin gone
    2) u have some pack seizure from trenity for adex which never fuckin ever happens
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  2. Lol gtfo. What did you ever give me source for. Who are you? That would help but you hide behind a fake account. Bitch. I’ve been here for a while there’d be a lot more sources gone if I was a cop. Yeah my shit was seized so what. If I was retard how would I get his info? I swear you fuckers are just plain dumb! Screenshot whatever it was when you gave me a source. Until then troll someone else brother.
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  3. Ya know what. Disregard my last post. Yeah I’m a cop, and?

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    Is your handle name in reference to the greatest band alives 1996 album first song by the name of “stinkfist”?

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    Nah man his fingers stink from cavity searching the perps he takes down. Any idea how many primo amps I have up my ass right now bro? Enough to pay your college tuition once I sell them
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    Hahaha this forum is off the rails
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  8. Lol that’s exactly right. That’s how I got the name lmfao!!!
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    Elroy is the cop not stink Jesus people it's like a Salem witch hunt
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  10. It’s getting crazy around here. Instead of all pulling together when our life style is under attack with sources exit scamming. China banning raws. Hackers. Packages getting seized we have people her starting shit. I’ve been in this game for a long time man and I can’t believe how much it’s changed just in the last couple years. We either stand together or die alone. Hopefully everything calms down and we can all get our shit together. I’m not even mad about OP at this point. I’m just more concerned about the future of this forum and community.
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    The community has seen worse, it'll survive. Peaks and valleys man.

    Also, I have some speeding tickets I'm gonna need you to help me out with... I'll drop a few more words of wisdom and a 10% coupon at dunkin' if needed.
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    Lol @Eman saves the day again! Never a dull day here on Meso with all the crackpots, flakes and tools...
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    Bet you were taking a selfie as you posted that. How are you going to survive the raw shortage you monster?
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    I knew of a stink finger during my time in Philly:D
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