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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TSud, May 6, 2020.

  1. TSud

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    The middle of February saw the stock market take a beating due to the Corona virus pandemic hitting the US. Some companies saw there stock prices lose 50-70% of there value in a matter of days. I was wondering if any of you have taken this as an opportunity to invest in the market while prices are down hoping to cash in when it goes back up. You know, buy low and sell high. If so what are some of the companies your looking at?
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    Put a little into a few companies. I've been doing a lot of investing off of StartEngine lately though.

    Start-ups and mid-size private companies offering equity at a fairly low buy-in. Currently waiting on the next round for Atlas Trucks, I really like their prospects.
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  3. flenser

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    That's not investing, that's trading, a.k.a. gambling. However, yeah, I made 37% on Carnival Cruise Lines recently. Sold it too early. But I did alright overall.

    It's mostly just entertainment for me. I never risk very much. We amateurs can't play in this kind of market for long without getting seriously burned. The Fed is literally buying exchange traded funds (ETFs) obviously for the purpose of market manipulation.

    The markets have been so overvalued for so long, and the Fed is so intent on keeping them there, where everything ends up is anyone's guess. Even if you win, you could still lose. Your gain in dollars might be a net loss of wealth.
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    I used to say that... Lately though, I'm thinking it's more accurate to call it masochism.
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  6. Dr JIM

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    Take a look at Vanguard!
  7. Dax

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    We are supposedly overdue for a recession and it's a election year to boot (things supposedley slow down during a election year) I personally feel the market is bloated I'm going to wait to invest. Granted I know very little about investing but this is what I'm going to run with and oh yah a little thing going on called a pandemic that aint going away anytime soon. So I 'll wait to own the market.
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    If you want to make money, watch the news brother. Wendy’s and McDonald’s both talked openly about increasing the amount of plant based meats on the menu.

    Stocks shot sky high in the last few days on certain brands that manufacture plant based products. BYND 25% in a day dude!
  9. TSud

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    Vanguard looks nice. I like that it was consistently growing year over year prior to the market crashing in February and it pays dividends
  10. TSud

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    Im definitely not a market expert either. Iv been reading and trying to educating myself on individual investing for a while now so when everything went down so much figured its got to come back up eventually so why not jump in now. Iv also been studying up on options trading and know that theres people that make pretty good money doing it but that really does seem a lot like gambling and im just not to that level of comfort yet.
  11. Yakov

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    Don't invest in stocks, invest in rentals. The return is rock solid, you can retire when you're 50.

    Work your ass off while you're young, buy up those rental houses, duplexes, gut them and find some seniors to rent.

    Don't hand piles of cash over to others, I've learned the hard way this is really dumb, these assholes don't care about you, they're there to fuck you in the ass.

    Keep every cent you earn, buy those properties, keep them up, find good renters and you'll make far more money.
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  13. I put 10k into a few stocks.
    Carnival cruise
    Norwegian cruise
    Air canada
    Drive shack
    It’s pretty risky with the cruise-lines but there’s bailouts for the airlines so most of my money is in the UAL and AC. I’m also a gambler at heart so.
  14. ickyrica

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    I've had 3 different outfits manage my retirement funds and by far and away Vanguard is king. I have a couple accounts with them and I have zero complaints at any turn. My last was Invesco and they were ok imo. Invesco had a better investor UI but Vanguard's returns are nicer :)

    Don't see you much anymore. Hope the covid fight isn't taking that much of a toll on you
  15. juicy122

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    yup i put 2gs on air canada, its looking bad atm but thats how it will be for a bit im looking into it longterm . That money is not needed and ill let it sit 5 years if it must. hopefully we both end up profiting and stock goes back to 50s by then!
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  16. TSud

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    I bought in to carnival as well. Just sucks that they stopped paying a dividend for the time being. I also like Fang and Oxy which are both oil/ gas stocks and both pay dividends, even if it has been reduced.
  17. Storm127

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    Blue chip stocks are always good when the market is down as it is. There is no doubt that stocks like Disney and Coca Cola will be up again. It's not get rich quick, but easy way to earn 15-25% and less risky than Covid medical miracle stocks
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  19. You already posted that
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    IMO the best option is to take the money and run.

    Take advantage of the rebound and sell ALL stocks, stay in cash until this hits rock bottom.

    And yes, this will take at least 2+ years, no matter what MSM and politicians say.

    Then buy again when it plunges 30-50% for the all time high peaks.