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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Dr. Savage, Oct 8, 2017.

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    I've been reading up and how to get smaller waist. I'm at 8/9% body fat and trying to get my waist smaller.

    A lot of places say doing stomach vacuums everyday and holding them for 10-15 seconds per 'rep' will help get a smaller waist? Is this true or can someone chime in and help give me some advice?

    I do tons of abdominal exercises hitting all the various muscles in there
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    Yes it will help. Careful how much standard ab work you do as this will make them a little thicker. But vacuums train your Transverse abs (I believe) which are the deeper abs
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    How many times per day would you say start with? And how many 'reps' per set?
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    I try to do them at least once per day. I'll hold it as long as I can, then relax 30-60 seconds then go again. For a total of 4-6 "sets"
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    How many reps per set? And how long do you hold?
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    All you need is a corset

    Still interested

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    Ab exercises tone the musculature and tend to keep the gut in place, as in closer to the spine and under the diagram.

    A vacuum "suck your tummy in" pose, best seen in older BB photos such as Arnie and Zane, exercises the obliques and traverse muscles and is a simplified means of keeping everything in place.

    While other exercises such as crunches tend to expose the "core" musculature with the end result being a thicker waist line, which is GTG IF a "six pack" is the desired look.

    Finally bc of their attachments and positions, it's important to remember the abs function as a UNIT, and while certain exercises can activate one muscle group more or less than the other, nothing close to true isolation is possible. Fact is squats are some of the best Rectus activators!

    So what is the most reliable means of achieving a skinny waist line?

    LOSE the Visceral and Somatic fat thats causing the problem and that can only be done with diet, exercise!

  8. Dr JIM

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    Hey Jim what about HGH doesn’t
    it reduce visceral and somatic fat?
  9. Gain Train

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    I perform vacuums after lunch, I find it easier/more comfortable to do them after eating. I do not believe they directly make the waist smaller just as suggested by Dr Jim. They are in my opinion, useful for teaching you gut control and therefore can help create the illusion that your waist is smaller.
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