Stopping Androgel due to Hair Loss

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Monte Brogan, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Monte Brogan

    Monte Brogan Junior Member

    Just posting this as an FYI to members using or considering using androgel.

    Late last year, with test levels around 200, I was prescribed 5mg / 4 pumps of Androgel per week. The improvement in quality of life and libido were noticeable. The application was a piece of cake. The solution dried quickly. Test levels jumped over 900. I was extremely pleased.

    However, over the last 8 months or so, my hair has started to thin on the crown and recede along the temples. In an attempt to stem to hair loss, I plan to drop the gels and switch to injections. I'm hopeful that the injections will lead to a lower DHT conversion rate versus the transdermals. I won't use finasteride or dutasteride because of negative past experiences; I want to avoid those drugs in the future.

    The injections won't be as convenient, but if they preserve some hair, the trade-off will be worth it.

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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Did you measure DHT?
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    player Member

    who needs hair
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    dsmith Junior Member

    Have you tried finasteride locally ? or minoxidil ?
    finasteride doesn't have the same efficacy when used topically but at least you'll avoid some side effects and save your hair a little bit
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    beav7 Junior Member

    Why should injections not cause hair loss? Is this a fact or only theory?
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    biceps72 Member

    doesn't increase DHT

    but androgel doesn't always either!
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    GirlyMan Member

    I think exogenous T, regardless of the method of adminstration, metabolizes into both DHT and E2. How much where is individual.
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    zkt Member

    The prevailing theory is that TD leads to more reduction of the T and hense more DHT since the reductase enzyme is present in skin cells. What this doesnt explain is, since the reaction takes place within the cell how the DHT gets back out.
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    DragonRider Junior Member

    Great question. Everybody wants to react to perceived causes and symptoms, but nobody seems to want to do the blood work to back it up.
    I understand it can be expensive, but this is your health. You only have one body. You are worth it.

    Women spend more on boob jobs and make up than we are wiiling to spend on our own health and we can't screw without it.
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    Monte Brogan

    Monte Brogan Junior Member

    DragonRider (and Dr. Scally above): DHT levels were not tested as my endo would not authorize.

    As for reacting to the perceived causes and symptoms, all I can state is that, prior to the androgel application, I had no issues with MPB. I'm hopeful that injections will lessen the conversion of T to DHT. I realize this is far from a guarantee, but elevated DHT levels seem to occur frequently on the gels (I'm basing this off anecdotal reports from other TRT sites).

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    Monte Brogan

    Monte Brogan Junior Member

    I used finasteride tabs in the past with some success. But eventually, the tabs lost their efficacy. I sustained undesirable side effects and would be too scared to even touch a topical, to be candid. Ditto for minoxidil - worked initially, then lost its luster. Maybe I'll give the 5% foam another chance...not a bad idea.

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    jwo Junior Member

    I had the same issue when I first started TRT. I used a compounded cream and felt great, a month or two later my hair started to rapidly thin. I was taking propecia at the time as well. Actually have been taking that for 8 yrs or so. I read up on injections and found another doctor to switch over to. I've been on injections for a while and the issue with thinning hair has cleared up for the most part. Nothing even close to the problem I had with creams. My doctor explained the reason to me, something to do with DHT conversion, but I'm not smart enough to repeat it, lol. Long story short, injections worked better with my body than the creams did..
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    Monte Brogan

    Monte Brogan Junior Member

    Thanks for sharing, jwo. Happy to hear about your positive results on the injections. I hope I can mirror your experience!

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    Madlib Junior Member

    Monte, did you just say side effects from propecia have not left even though you quit the drug?
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    Tyler81 Member

    I honestly dont understand how guys can be SO VAIN that they stop a treatment that is improving the quality of their life because they are losing their hair.

    Be a man and shave your head and be done with it.

    I would kill to have your "problem" fuck my hair! I dont give a shit if I lose my hair, my nuts, as long as I feel good and have a decent libido. That's all I want and it's been a fucking headache so far.

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    James23 Member

    Because not all of use can look "manly" with a shaven head. Instead, we just look like creeps. Creeps that won't get laid/

    This is especially true for those of us, like me, that have had low testosterone for their entire lives, even in the developmental stages of puberty.

    My face looks childish.

    Congruency is KEY with looking good. If you want to be bald and hairy, you better have the other masculine features that go along with it. Otherwise, you'll be as attractive as a bald chick -- or a kid with cancer.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    I also vote for "testosterone" over "hair"! The high-testosterone men, hair or no hair, all seem to be getting laid.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine


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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

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    jazz1 Junior Member

    I am beginning to believe androgel does cause hair loss / the slow down of hair growth, or both.

    I started of at 39 yo; which is about middle age for males currently, with a 50 mg daily dosage. About 3 yrs ago the doctor upped the dosage to 100 mg daily. The hair on the top of my head takes about 3x as long as the sides to grow back. The boys havent shrunk. Maybe the only bad thing there is you are, horny all the time. Not complaining on the quality of life, androgel improves; libido, energy, etc.

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