Storing Unused Testoserone Cypionate From Ampule/Cartridge

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  1. Hi all,

    I have these Primus Ray Test Cypionate 1ml/250MG ampules (see image). I'm planning on only injecting 25mg per day however, versus every other day or weekly injections.

    Once I break open the ampule, is it safe to store the unused oil in the same syringe for up to 6 days? However, I would replace the needle with a new needle every time I inject.

    I'm not using the Test C for gains at the gym, only for TRT. I've experimented and found daily small doses (20-30mg) are incredible at keeping my hormone levels stable. I use Sub-Q and IM injections.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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  2. BigSky

    BigSky Member

    With cyp ed and eod injections arnte needed. Pinning every 3.5 days will give you the same stability. But I'd suggest getting a sterile vial and storing the unused oil in it after you open the ampule. That's what I do for my hcg amps
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  3. Hey @BigSky

    Thanks for the info bro. For me, after day 2, it was down hill. By day3-4, I was feeling tired and down. The sad thing is my doctor wouldn't take action on my feedback and objected the twice per week injections. I quit mid-stream and started pct. I got raped on the costs for all of the gear through the clinic.

    Lesson learned.

    Every other day is ok, but with ED I feel like a champ. Experimented for almost five months and ED is definitely the best for me at least. :)

    Now to find sterile vials! Thanks again bro.
  4. BigSky

    BigSky Member

    Medlabgear has sterile vials and pretty much anything else you may need

    If your cool with pinning ed then go for it. Whatever you find works best is better than any anectodotal story of half lives or how things "should" be ran. It will keep levels stabler but not to any significant degree. But if you find it works go for it.

    Buy a bunch, you can get them really cheap and in case you break one you'll have extras.
  5. Colt44

    Colt44 Member

    I've had no issues storing it in the pin. Haven't used the method of just changing the needle out. I'd be leary if that. Why not just use a new one? At that dose and pin schedule, I'd use slin pins.
  6. Big_paul

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    Injecting 125mg every week would work well. There is no good reason to inject test cyp every day. The next week can be stored in a syringe.
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  7. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    I would NOT pre load a syringe and let it sit for 6 days. You definitely run the risk of possible contamination if the AAS solution starts to eat away at the plastic syringe. Thus causing your AAS to become contaminated. Just use sterile vials.
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  8. thrombus

    thrombus Member

    Be leery of injecting a solution that eats away a a plastic syringe.

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  9. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    If you let any AAS, especially not pharmaceutical grade, they will eventually wear away at plastic because of the solvents they contain. Even pharmaceutical grade does this.
  10. thrombus

    thrombus Member

    Even in 6 days?

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  11. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Yup. I've googled it a few times last year because I was thinking of pre loading. Even 1 day can start to break down contaminates.
  12. thrombus

    thrombus Member

    Yikes. The stoppers in vials seem even less breakdown resistant than plastic syringes. I guess we should be more vigilant in storing vials in an upright position.

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  13. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    Of your gonna pin Ed regardless why don't you switch to prop instead of cyp?
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  14. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Yes. If you have to do it store it upright. But ideally don't do it at all. The solvents in AAS oil can really break down the rubber stopper and plastic syringe itself. I know guys do it, but I wouldn't. And the old preloaded sust syringes were glass I believe. Just in case someone was gonna reference that. Avoid it if you can.