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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by thenxtgrt1, Mar 13, 2009.

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    thenxtgrt1 Junior Member

    My cortisol at night is above-range. I now have explanation for my night sweats, diminished appetitie (evening), and lowered thryoid function. My main problem has been SLEEP. I haven't had a memorable night of quality sleep in probably 2 years. Here are the results:

    Cortisol Morning.........6.6 (3.7-9.5)
    Cortisol Noon..............1.9 (1.2-3.0)
    Cortisol Evening..........2.1 (0.6-1.9) HIGH
    Cortisol Night...............1.8 (0.4-1.0) HIGH

    You guys that take Isocort/Cortef, are your levels high or low? I have a stressful job and it taxes my adrenals, would cortisol supplement be beneficial?

    I actually spoke to a very knowledgeable person regarding adrenal fatigue. She's a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy. And she attended a conference on AF a few wks ago. She gave me a printout of some OTC remedies. We talked for about 15 minutes. It was nice talking to medical professional that actually knows about this stuff.

    To combat this problem, I'm taking Phosphatidylserine (lower cortisol) in latter part of afternoon. And L-Theanine (relax/anxiety reducer)in the evening after dinner. Right before bed, I'm taking Trazodone (help sleep).

    Any ideas? Would taking cortisol in day help lower levels at night? Would taking cortisol help "rest" adrenals and regulate out-of-whack pattern?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    Make sure that your

    Body temperature (97.8 - 98.2F) (36.56 - 36.78C); (36.6-37C)(97.9-98.6F)
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    thenxtgrt1 Junior Member

    Good info but what will lower cortisol? Would Isocort be applicable in this situation?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    DHEA & cortisol are made by adrenals.
    I they are relieved or helped with supplemental DHEA more power is left for cortisol.

    I think that this should help with overall cortisol management.
    DHEA is easier to manage than cortisol.
    Pick easier fight first.

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    thenxtgrt1 Junior Member

    Which is better form, 7-Keto or regular version of DHEA?
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    Dopamineloveaffair Junior Member

    The regular version of DHEA. Another option to raise daily cortisol is through pregnenolone. It supplies bother DHEA and eventually cortisol on the other end, after metabolism from progesterone.

    Pregnenolone has it's pros and cons. A pro being it supplies the majority of adrenal hormones... The con being you can't fine tune each hormone to your liking. It depends what your body wants to do with it. Some people have misaligned adrenal metabolism pathways.

    Your night time cortisol isn't too far out of range. Phosphatidylserine will will help lower it. I'm not a big fan of using it however when having adrenal fatigue. Depending on it's half-life it can cause problems with your morning cortisol levels
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    LeanGuy Junior Member

    Also look at Relora
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    Gator8 Member

    Have you considered sleep apnea? Apnea will cause disordered cortisol cycle and poor sleep.
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    Kwirion Member

    Korean (Red) / Panax Ginseng and Ashwhaganda are good, natural supplements to lower cortisol. Works for me.

    Question: Is high cortisol a cause of problems or just a effect of something else? I.e low testosterone / DHEA..?

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