Strength and size for boxing

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    Hey guys

    Im currently injured, and im back in the ring when we hit november. I want to hear what you think about my conditioning and strength training, for boxing.

    Right now im doing this routine 3 days a week, ( gonna be 2 days when im back, and with more sets )
    Chinups/pullups 3 x 1 minute
    Situps 3 x 1 minute
    Squat 3 x 1 minute
    Pushups 3 x 1 minute

    Arms ( bicep, tricep, ) 1 day a week, and forearms 2 days a week, ( need to because of injury )

    My diet, is mostly to eat clean.
    Breakfast- Oatmeal with milk and vitamins.
    Lunch- Rice with chicken breasts and orange juice.
    Dinner- Pasta and steak with tropical juice.
    Snack- crackers, nuts, fruit.

    Info on me: 183 cm, 22 years old and currently 83 kg, hope to get down on 78-79 kg ripped.