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I am finishing up my 3rd cycle, I am currently running 525mg Test P/week and 60mg Var ED for 6 weeks.

Since my goals are mostly strength related and I may get an itch to compete soon, I will avoid Tren as it has a really long detection time. Although I am a huge fan of 6 week cycles I was thinking my next one should be a more traditional 12 week cycle.

What I have in mind is as follows:
Test E @ 300mg: Weeks 1-12
Tbol @ 50mg ED: Weeks 6-12
Winstrol (injectable) @ 300 mg: Weeks 1-6

My reasoning behind this is that I have done 300mg of Test E so I know what to expect. But I have not done either Tbol or Winstrol so spacing them out I would get a feel for how I react to each compound individually. If this turned out to be a solid strength cycle then I would probably go back to a 6 week cycle with Test P, Winny, and Tbol and basically the same dosages.

PCT and cycle support would be what you expect, I'm just too lazy to write it all out but it would obviously be included.


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Food will clearly be on point as it always is on cycle, right around 4500 calories a day of high quality foods.


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It is my understanding that the test would be used to maintain the function of the cock and let the strength gains come from winny. Again since this is my first time running it I would like to see how it does with just maintenance test...unless I am totally wrong about that.

I would reverse it do the tbol 1-6 and the winny 6-12.

I concur, that makes more sense. Thanks brother.

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