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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Ozzy619, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Really thinking about doing a strength training routine for my next cycle. Was looking into Rippetoes Starting Strength and while its a good start, found it to be very basic. This thread is open to anyone interested in strength training so feel free to ask questions and post, we are all here to give and learn.

    I dont have much to give back at this time but as I learn more Ill input.

    Im interested in learning about diet, routines, rest periods and rep schemes.
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  2. Rippetoe knows his stuff alright . I miss 5x5 workouts if Im away from them too long . Makes me strong again , especially after weeks of 10x10. Everyone should work 5x5 for at least a year if not 2 or 3 . I did 3 yrs straight at one .
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    I thought about that but a few guys here knock that program and say its completely worthless, Ill look into that more. I tried the Starting Strength today just to see how I liked it and looking for something more advanced per docs recommendations.

    What do you think about this type of progression, it would be over the long haul. My idea is to build up in the volume then start adding the poundage once I have a solid progression going. 5x10 to 5x5 to 5 3 1
  4. The ones that knock true 5x5 are the ones that cant handle it . Im talking 3 fullbody workouts a week , 5x5 for each exercise after warm-ups with heavy weights. In other words 5 working sets each . It will make you stronger than hell after it breaks you , and Rippetoes got his own version that I followed .
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    Ozzy!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you be #TeamPowerlifting's next convert lmao?!!!

    The reason I say Starting strength isn't suited for you is bc it's a beginner's routine. The rate of progression is adding 2.5-10lbs, depending on the lift, each and every time you go Into the gym and do that lift. An underweight beginner who squats 185lbs can certainly keep this rate of progression for a while but you, an experienced lifter, will not be able to.

    Give me an idea of what your big lifts are like as a 1RM or 5RM for squats, deads, bench and OHP?
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    Right on, lifts are at 75% correct? would it be possible to do accessory lifts with this program? Possibly on off days or after working sets or even ramping up as a warm up?
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    Im glad you found my secret thread. Dont laugh at my lifts, hence the reason I want to building up strength. Last program I did was fst 7 and strength was a secondary goal, I did occasional maxes in a 5 3 1 style. Im off cycle so lifts have gone down but these are what my maxes were last cycle.

    Bench 1RM 295 5RM 225 (could pry do 10)
    Squat 1RM 315 5RM 275
    Deadlift 1RM 365 5RM 315 (I have gone higher but wanted to avoid injury)

    I going to lift natty till next cycle, that will include test, tren and halo.

    For diet Im eating clean still but added alot more carbs and no longer lifting in a fasted state. Instead I eat complex carbs at least an hour before and creatine monohydrate 5g 30mins before. Post workout Ill do protein with a mix of shitty carbs and complex carbs.
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    I'd never laugh at anyone's lifts brother....well unless they were laughing at someone else's lifts first lol.

    This is good! You're at the point where you could possibly benefit from Starting Strength but it would be for such a short amount of time that it wouldn't be worth it IMO.

    I'm setting a reminder on my phone to come back to this thread later. Getting ready to leave work and have a training session to get to (fucking deload time for me :( but it means testing a new squat max next week:D)

    I'll have some info for you tonight brother. Can't wait for Ozzy to come to the dark side.....
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    Co man looking forward to it, tired of having a hurt ego in the gym. All show and no go time is over.
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  10. You got a 295 bench , go for 300 or 305 . Your right there.
    You squat 315 , once you do 350 you will instantly feel stronger . I did . Then 375/400
    Make him a routine Doc ....
  11. Well, I do a variation of 5x5 that I pretty much made up..

    Been doing it for years..well, Since I was 18. I do switch it up once in a while but I fin myself goin back to it.

    It's worked well enough for me.

    Hit a PR of 345 on the bench today :eek:

    Anyway, subbed.

    Mostly, for Progress nudes...
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    345??? Shit I need to get on this strength train. Good job on that PR
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  13. Thanks, I'm working in losing a bit of weight though. Right now I'm at around 233. I'm aiming for 205ish.

    Hopefully I'll reach 405 before I touch the juice.
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    I was cutting and went from around 205 to 190 as of today. If youre hitting that already 405 should be easily obtainable for you. Id be happy to hit 315 once. Im going to change my diet around for strength goals, trying to stay lean but we will see.
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    1) how many days a week would you ideally like to train?
    2) do you have holes to compete in strength sports or just want to get stronger?
    3) any injuries that are limiting you currently or any significant injuries in the past?
    4) would you prefer a program you can follow without much thought and just plug numbers into or a template in which you'd be making more decisions about?
    5) how long would you realistically be willing to follow such a plan? Just a rough estimate.
    6) are you willing to cut down on lifts that aren't needed and stick to a small set of lifts or do you like lots of variety?
    7) do you train alone or with a partner?
    8) would you be willing to take vids of your form for private critiquing or rather stay more anonymous?
    9) what are your full stats?

    You can PM the answers or certain ones if you wish to not post here
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  16. Strength training thread, huh? Nice. :)
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    We got another one in Ozzy brother. We should start recruiting soon and build an army of strength athletes :)
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  18. Dude, you going to leave any questions for the rest of us to ask?? ;):D
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    Told you I'd return the favor fucker :p <3
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  20. Our plan is coming together nicely. Soon we will having many converts to #TeamPowerlifting
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