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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Ozzy619, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Docd187123

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    Good then those shoes will suit you well. They'll also be great for front squats should you do those at some point in your training.
  2. Wait..
    Believe it or not I've never heard of lifting shoes :eek:

    Do they provide better stability?

    I usually workout in my regular Adidas or if I'm coming out of work in my Timbs.
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  3. Rackin45s

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    They have a much better heel and better support. Expensive shoes though.
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  4. Docd187123

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    There are different kind of shoes.

    If you're an Oly lifter or do high bar squats, or a lot of front squatting you'd probably be better off with an Olympic lifting shoe with a raised heel.

    If you're a low bar squatter then chances are youd be better off with a flat heeled shoe like chucks, wrestling shoes, etc
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  5. Ozzy619

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    Brand new, well only used twice, got mine off ebay for 25 bucks. Also got some new/user nike 5.0 for 20 bucks.
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  6. Ozzy619

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    Ive been working on fs for awhile but cant get the finger hook grip, hurts my wrists alot so Ive beem crossing my arms. I can only do 185 on my fs before form goes to shit.
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    Try straps with the rack position grip. If that still hurts, which it does for me, just do the cross arms.

    That's a sign your upper back is the weak point.
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  8. Ozzy619

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    Does anyone do zercher squats? I just came across them today. They look kinda akward but looks good for the core.
  9. Your wrists can usually get acclimated to the rack position fairly quickly if you practice it enough, there are stretches you can do to your wrists as well to help get them loose too. The real difficulty with the rack position IME comes from poor mobility due to lat and tricep tightness, so foam rolling these points always helps. You will know this is a problem if you can't keep your elbows up high.

    For me the rack position is a lot more comfortable than the cross armed grip but cross armed will definitely work too, I've seen videos of PL'ers do insane weights on Front Squat with arms crossed, it is certainly usable. I also suspect that the rack position gives you some additional torque coming from the shoulders which helps make you more explosive coming out of the hole. I'm also much tighter overall w/ rack position.

    My wrists felt like shit the first few weeks I started using the rack position on front squat but they got used to the stress fairly quickly.

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  10. Hmmm...might start adding front squats to my program. Thanks a lot guys! :rolleyes::D
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  11. Oh god. Fuck those squats.
    I've tried them before but the leave my arms raw and I can't go all the way down because it's way to awkward.
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    Really not one to knock out exercises but I think this one in particular is useless lol.
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    Thanks WC, Ill have to work on my flexibility, and yes my tris are extremely tight. I really need to work on my overall flexibility. Ill try those stretches out, the crossed arm method works fine but Ive always wanted to do the rack position.
  14. Ozzy619

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    My wife found it on instagram today and showed me. I looked it up and it said it didnt compress the spine, thats when I stopped reading and was over it. Ill stick to my back and fs.
  15. I used to do zercher squats I liked them would leave my biceps fucking sore though. Didn't really feel it a ton in my legs come to think about it lol
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  16. There's a pussy contraption for those squats it's like a harness.

    All in all

    Fuck dem squats.
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    I just ordered it off ebay :( was gunna wear it with my elevation mask and vibram 5 toe shoes
  18. Your gonna get so yoked :eek:
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    And Ill breathe better, Ill look like fucking crossfit Bane
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  20. Ozzy619

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    Just a little update. This program is pretty fucking hard, aint even going to lie. However, my strength is in fact going up.

    Benching 275 3 to 5 times
    Squatting 315 pretty easy, 315 used ro be my 1rm
    DL is still the same :( but havent pushed myself as hard as the other lifts

    I fucked around today and did ohp, I used to max at 155 and today I hit 185 one time. Also incline 225 is starting to feel like bitch weight :)