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  1. Preacher

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    Hey all, I have finished a 10 week cycle of Test E @ 500mg a week. starting pct 2 weeks after last shot.

    Now I would like to gain more strength as i'm mid point in my hockey season would it be okay to take the manwhore aproach to take Var during my "off" cycle or am I being an idiot.....

    Please be honest and give some reason, I had no sides at all running Test E, But i'm sure my body needs some recover time.

    Thanks all..
  2. MaxRep

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    Well if you take enough Anavar to actually gain strength, they you won't be "off", will you?

    And despite what some people want to believe, published scientific studies show LH and FSH suppression with doses as low as 100mg/week of Test Enanthate and as low as 4mg/day of Anavar.

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  3. Preacher

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    Thanks MaxRep
  4. MaxRep

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    I don't know if this is possible but in the future, you may want to plan your cycles so you don't end a cycle midway through your sport season.

    Also, something done with great success is to use IGF-1LR3 and GH during the time you're off anabolics. This goes a long way toward keeping your size and strength gains achieved during your cycle. You still have to do your pct as the products work via separate pathways. That is also why you can use them after a cycle without disrupting the restart of your natural Test production.

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    I totally agree with need to recover.I would wait at least 12 weeks before even begining to consider doing another cycle depending on how your recovery goes..d
  6. van-man

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    The IGF-1lr3 is exactly what I was going to suggest. Different pathways and all will allow you to do pct and still maintain strength. I've seen cases where as little as 50mcg on monday and thursday was enough to keep strength up and receive positive effect from the IGF. Just remember that the lr3 is waaay more potent than straight IGF and doesn't need to be used Ed. cell saturation is something you want to avoid here.