Stretched tendon?

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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this.

    So, I have some injury in my right elbow. Seems a lot like tennis elbow but I'm not sure. On the top boney notch of the elbow there is a seemingly loose tendon that slips and slids around over and under the notch. This does not happen on my other elbow. It is painful when fully extended and when applying resistive force to the upward motion of the back of my hand.
    When lifting it oddly hurts when doing curls of like motions and not so much tricep related exercises. Kind of depends on the position of my hand though. The elbow is slightly swollen. I was thinking about just getting an elbow wrap and powering through. It's not as very painful when warmed up but is pretty painful and stiff afterwards.

    Anyone with a similar experience?
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    Have something similar on the bottom of my elbow for me it’s effect with pulling. Difficult to do pull ups or heavy rows. But I work around it. It’s a pain dead on non in elbow def not tennis elbow. My doc says it’s prob the tendon stressed at the bone and can possibly tear which he said he would pin it back to the bone. Try to work around it and good luck
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