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  1. Preacher

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    Hey all, I know stretching is important but i hate it and it hates me. I am so not flexibal. Ok enough about me.

    question 1: Will or could flexibility increase strenth?

    question 2: How much time do you guys give to stretching everyday or week?

    question 3: What is a good stretching program?

  2. E-Dawg

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    I am curious about streching/flexibilty too. I am not a flexible person, but I would like more flexibility in my shoulders, hips and ankles. I think it would help with certain exercises.
  3. Nevr2Big

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    I can wholeheartedly recommend the "Magnificent Mobility" DVD. It focuses on dynamic stretching so as to not interfere with limit strength (as excessive static stretching has shown itself to) and "grooving the neural pathways" (fancy way of saying that it makes sure your body is firing the right muscles at the right time to prevent structural imbalances). My wife got it for me for Chrismas and it has made a huge difference for me in terms of shoulder and hip mobility. You can purchase it at
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    Q1 - YES, correct flexability can and should increase strength! However, this will happen IF both the agonist, antagonist and synergistic muscle groups are maintaining the joint correctly.

    For example. the lower back is often compromised by tight quads. the quads anchor from the front of the pelvis, and if tight cause the pelvis to tilt forward (anteriorly) elongating both the hamstrings (which will now appear to feel tightened, when infact this feeling occurs due to working under constant tension) and the abdominals. In turn, this will show a weakness in the glutes and also give a concertina like effect. stretch the quads, strengthen the glutes, strengthen the abdominals (with such excersises as abdominal walking 1 - 5, I will elaborate if you need me to) a combo of stretching and strengthening will vastly improve our squat, and therefor in turn improve our strength.

    If you have muscles impeding others your strenth is compromised!!

    Q2 - Personally, I train Mon,Tues - Thur,Fri and go to the gym to strech on wed and sat or sun. You need to be assessed monthly if poss and a new stretching guide implemented accordingly.

    Q3 - You need to be assessed. I have a some bits ill post up.

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  5. Preacher

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    Hey thanks Archie, I will also remember to bring my dictionary next time I read one of your posts......
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    I stretch whenever I'm in the gym. Mainly to loosen up. I can't squat for shit without a good 15 minute stretching warm-up.
  7. ForemanRules

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    #3 Yoga
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  9. Preacher

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    Forman Rules how do you feel about yoga? Does the shit really help? Thanks Son :)
  10. ForemanRules

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    I love yoga, when I was douing it every week I recovered faster and my body felt great.
  11. Reinheart

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    Stretching is of outmost importance because it can also prevent injuries to a degree. I stretch after my warm-up and postworkout.