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Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by RandallNowan, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. RandallNowan

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    Hi, Folks...

    I thought I'd put this here instead of blocking up the Powerlifting Corner thread...

    Yesterday I did a full mock up of my forthcoming competition and I'm coming up short!
    Strength is almost there... Conditioning well short.

    I'm waiting for a log, so been doing barbell clean and presses on that front.

    Using a barbell with chains, weights hung on the chains, for a yoke.


    Farmer carries made extra wide... These were seriously tough at 112kg a hand. I made it about 7.5m... Need 15!

    Forward hold was 16kg on a dumbbell, fat grip on the dumbbell, weighted above the wrist.... Made it 47 seconds. Hoping to beat a minute before long.

    Sandbag/loading medley went brilliant up to 75kg...the 100kg bag is a heavy fucker.

    I'm thinking I need to train the farmers a few sets on the end of every workout... Probably at a lighter weight initially. For the conditioning...
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  3. Seven Dog

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    In the grass? I'd roll my ankle for sure.

    Like the way those look though.
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  4. Eman

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    It gets a little iffy in some spots but when traveling the same "route" you know what to expect.
  5. Dw725

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    Man the parking lot we do yokes and carries in is uneven and lumpy as fuck.

    It really does suck, but maybe I'll be at a huge advantage in comp when it's on flat smooth ground haha.
  6. Dw725

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    The technique for cleaning the log is the big difference, especially the larger diameter ones.

    I learned the hard way you can't snatch big weight around the way you do with a barbell.
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  7. Eman

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    I thought the exact same thing lol...

    I haven't done yoke yet, that will be my next purchase I think...

    Going to make an Atlas stone this weekend.

    Alan Thrall has a really good video on YouTube breaking this down. All about elbow placement.
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  8. Dw725

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    Man he has saved my ass big time being a complete newb at strongman.

    I started out thinking I could just muscle my way through all this since I'm a decently strong guy but less than a week in I realized that was super ignorant of me.

    Strongman is definitely a different sport but I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to improve strength and athleticism. I've been enjoying the hell out of it.
  9. Eman

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    Have you seen Brian Alsruhe? I follow him even more closely than Thrall.

    I'm having fun with it... I was getting bored with my routine. This shit is anything but boring. There are no gyms around here that really have the implements though... So I'm kind of buying stuff myself slowly.

    That fucking continental clean is going to be the death of me...
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  10. Dw725

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    Yea man! He's one of the other few guys I've been watching.

    I'm lucky enough to have access to a steel fabrication shop and tons of material so we have built everything and anything we need.

    I'm hoping that's another advantage for me going into my first comp. I searched a ton but didn't find anywhere that guys consistently trained strongman. Few CrossFit gyms with atlas stones but nothing in the 250-350lb range.

    I'm sure there will be a few freaks that come out of the woodwork but I'm gonna do my best to give em hell.
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  11. RandallNowan

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    Alsruhe and Thrall are both class.
    Log is gonna be 90kg and 13 inches.

    Big for a novice.
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  12. Eman

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    I do too actually... So I should be building more stuff myself.

    I wish I could build Atlas stone molds myself but that's not really an option... Those things are kind of a pain when it comes to price.
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  13. Dw725

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    Yea luckily didn't have to buy the molds myself. I think once it was all said and done there was about $400 in our two stones.

    Since we're on the stone topic, what is everyone's opinion on using tacky?

    From what I've researched it's basically unheard of to not be able to use it in comp.

    It also took a shit ton of stress out of my bicep and tendons. I was starting to have pain and got super aware of them out of fear of tearing, and it was limiting what I could or was willing to do in training.

    Been using tacky since and don't think I'm gonna look back.
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  14. Eman

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    It's so commonly used I don't think it's a problem to get used to it.
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  15. RodgerThat

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    In on this, should have called it strongman corner but we will let it slide cause I can't believe nobody else has started one of these already
  16. Eman

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    I thought I was the only one... :oops:
  17. RodgerThat

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    Also my contribution to this will probably be very little for the next while cause the only thing I do is farmer walks with a hex bar but I'll be doing strongman training this summer for a competition in November of next year as a sub 200. What's the best distance to train farmers do you guys think? I currently do 40m at a time with 275-315lb depending if I deadlifted that day, could go much heavier but the hex bar rips my hands apart
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  18. Dw725

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    40 m is probably perfect. All my events coming up are just a little less than that.
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  19. Deisel26

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    I did my first ever amateur strong man comp a few weeks ago and the sand bags are no joke as Op stated when you get up to the bags that are over 200lbs they do not leave the ground easy
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  20. RandallNowan

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    The price is insane! I would love to make a set of stones myself... Mostly large, some with lighter material in middle and some heavier.

    Practice the technique at various weights but on physically large stones.

    So very expensive, though.