Stuck at 160lbs

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    Correct them on cycle?

    Sorry to be blunt.
    But get it together BEFORE your cycle.
    Sorry buddy, at 160, you can make some gains.
    What's your BF%?
    Track calories off cycle
    Hit your macros
    Those are the building blocks.... this stuff is much easier to track.
    Maybe you have a high metabolism
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    Your trolling for dick pics arent you you devil. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    lmfao nah

    Just wondering so I can buy them. I'd love some cheap steak. My main source of protein is pre cooked chicken from the grocery store.
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    Also, what is your AGE??? Silent makes great points here and I'm honestly surprised you weren't bashed right off the get go. If you want help, I mean seriously want help there are plenty of people here willing to pitch in.




    Years training

    Current training routine:
    - Weights
    - Cardio

    Water intake


    Get a Fitbit, if nothing else for the sleep tracking benefits. It has helped me tremendously in tracking my sleep and seeing how truly crappy and inconsistent my sleep patterns are.

    MyFitnessPal - get used to it, put in everything you eat. If you don't have a food scale, Target or Amazon for $20.

    You need to learn about energy balance and if you're not tracking your macros, how on Earth can you know if you're in a surplus or a deficit. You need to spend a few weeks at a set caloric range and macronutrient intake. You could even start with the US recommend intake of 2,000 calories. Use a 40/40/20 split 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% fats. I'll let you do the math.

    Carbs multiplied by 4 = calories
    Protein multiplied by 4 = calories
    Fats multiplied by 9 = calories

    Dial that in, get your diet right. If you can hit that with accuracy or really close every single day for four weeks, then determine are you gaining? Or losing? If so, how much per week? You don't want to gain or lose too quickly.

    We can readjust from there BUT you've gotta stay consistent to develop a baseline to go from. Right now you're just shooting in the dark.
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    Eating enough is biggest thing people don’t realize. Like all these other guys have said. You may think your eating enough but your not. I watched a documentary on one of the worlds strongest men. And he literally had to set an alarm for every two hours to stop what he’s doing and eat. Look at the rocks diet. I like to throw in weight gainers every chance I get. Just for the extra on top of force feeding. Get protein bars or I like to make pbjs for on the go. Just to have something. In between meals. Hope you get it all dialed in bro
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    Fuuck... How do you eat that shit?

    Steak isn't precooked chicken cheap... Nor should it be. Ante up and buy something with a little quality, it's money well spent.

    As for OP, this thread is so ridiculous I don't know if it's trolling or if you're just so green that you don't know any better. An elementary school student knows that you need to eat to grow... Somehow you've decided hormones are going to magically do that. You fucked yourself. You played your ace card before the game had even begun.

    Forget steroids... They are a waste of money for you. Eat something... Anything, for Christ sake.
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    Cause it's good lol, I get tired of it sometimes though. I'm thinking about switching to 975% fat free ground beef. Yeah steak is quality protein but I wouldn't want to spend that kind of money for a full week supply, every week.
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    Just go with whatever is priced right for you. Steak is steak nutrient wise.

    Nice sense of humor bro. Peace.
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    Precooked chicken is good but you want to switch to 975% fat free beef?

    We are on two separate wave lengths, fella. :)

    You can find discounted cuts of steak that are comparable to chicken sometimes... They are often just unpleasant to eat, they are sometimes completely unfit for consumption. I've found, the more I spend the better it gets... I don't usually go above $15/lb unless it's for a special meal.
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    This 100%.

    You need to know what you're doing both on and off cycle. You also need to keep lifting heavy and eating to maintain acquired mass post cycle.

    Start tracking now.

    Ramp up calories week by week while you're on. If you bloat, look at sodium and water intake. One or both are likely causing it.

    As far as protein goes? I eat a combination of thin cut Top / Bottom Sirloin. It's cheap and doesn't kill your jaw.

    You can grab 1.5-2lbs for about $10. Can usually get it marked to clear for $5-8. Full price I usually spend $70-80 a week.

    Basmati Rice runs about $20 for 10lbs. That'll last a month or more.

    You can grab 5lb bags of frozen vegetables for $5. A bag a week.

    Eating is cheap if you eat for purpose rather than pleasure.
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    Tri-tip is pretty inexpensive, I use it for one of my meals every day
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  12. Barring the idea that you just gained water weight during your cycle and lost it afterwards, the problem is most likely your diet.

    You ate enough to gain weight, but stopped eating enough to maintain what you gained and subsequently lost it.

    i would search the Google machine for "TDEE calculator". Plug in all the numbers required and start from there.

    The calculators aren't perfect, but it should be enough to get you in the ballpark of how much you need to consume to gain/maintain/lose weight.

    i then suggest that you download an app like MyFitnessPal, set it for your desired intake and track everything you eat and drink.

    As you gain weight, you'll need to increase calories even further, but cross that bridge when you come to it. Until then, keep a record and stay consistent with your diet.
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    I pick up a whole beef loin and have 7 fillets cut into 1 1/2 inch thick.. than the leftover tip it’s grounded up . I make burgers out of it..
    it usually costs me 115 for all that..
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    Well I know that.. but you came also came here and mentioned you already have a couple of cycles done.. now you come here and say my diet wasn’t good sleeping wasn’t good.. you already answered your own question
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    Great advice !

    You could get a fitbit watch you can monitor all your exercises, food and water intake weekly reports on your progress. ..
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    You and I posted very similar advice
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  17. The fact you are 160 screams you have no idea what you’re doing.

    Learn proper eating, training and recovery.

    I can’t even begin to explain the basics because it’s so basic I can’t be bothered because of all the information at the top of google search results.
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  18. Letrozol is a last resort for an anti estrogen. So I’m going to go ahead and say the source you got it from is not legit or you haven’t noticed you completely crashing your estrogen levels by using it. Do some research on arimidex and aromasin. That’s where you want to start out you should rarely ever find a need for letrozol.
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    When I started training at 17 I was 141 pounds. I ate and ate by 20 years old I was 252 took a little Anadrol at 19 25 mgs a day. Was as wide as a billboard. Carried alot of fat though maybe 18 %. Then I cut back down to 218 looked great. At 21 years old. All I took was 25 mgs a day of syntex adrol. 10 weeks twice a year. Ok so what I am saying is eat and eat bulk up dont worry about cut at this point because you are skinny just eat go past your desired weight and come back down to it. At 218 I was vascular and solid benching 455 for 2 reps. Minimal juice. Also if you are going to take juice e in ur case I would use deca test and adrol. Forget tren for now
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    So steroids got you 36 pounds over natural?
    Not bad

    you'll need to learn and tune insulin as your main anabolic hormone.

    you can gobble drinks full of simple carbs and sugars. No matter if it's sugary water, glucose+water or mass gainers.
    Begin by doing that after workout.
    (assuming you're not diabetic).

    Do that for some 6 months before even considering insulin injections (which are medically proven to help underweight people).