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    anyone? Saved me big time
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    Is anyone using it? I have and I am finally getting off suboxone. It is a godsend. Been on subs for 5 yrs. 2 shots of sublocade. No suboxone for 4 months. And not more sublocade.
  4. "Your body can develop a physical need for SUBLOCADE (dependence). If you stop receiving SUBLOCADE, you could have opioid withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms may start weeks to months after your last dose of SUBLOCADE."

    It's a longer acting version of Suboxone, administered via subcutaneous injection, from what i'm reading. The above quote doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

    Hope it works out for you, man.
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    Just kick cold turkey. Just prolonging the misery.
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    So much this. I was on methadone for years and suboxone awhile, too. Just quit and get it over with. Sucks for awhile and then you get your life back.
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    yes but from being on subs for so long. Taking something everyday for 5 years. To being able to take something 1x every 6 weeks. Has helped me a lot. And i am deciding to stop and havent had any withdrawals.

    i have read multiple accounts people stopped subs and w/d but never withdrew from sublocade. Its brand new. And your quote does not occur with many people. But i guess for some. Fir me i havent had one withdrawal symptom. I have stopped the sublocade. And feel the best i have ever felt.
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    Yes this is what i am doing now. I officially stopped taking anything with suboxone on it. And will not be. Its been 6 weeks. I feel fine.
  9. i'm glad to hear it's working for you. The more time you put into uninterrupted sobriety, the better you will feel.
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  10. Well sure you can develop a dependency on the buprenorphine, it’s a partial agonist made from the same part of the poppy as oxy. Of course most getting a legitimate prescription to subs are already dependent on opioids, which is why they’re taking it to begin with.
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  11. Oh i'm aware of that. i've walked that road.
    It was that last part, that withdrawal could start weeks to months after your last dose.

    That's some scary shit. You think everything is back to normal, then BAM! You get hit with that god awful withdrawal.

    i don't know how it was for anyone else, but the withdrawal from Bup was far worse for me than from the painkillers.

    i'm thankful everyday that i don't have that monkey on my back anymore.
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  12. Yeah just like with long acting benzos you think you’re good then two weeks later you get a seizure. The bupe withdrawals are milder but last longer, with something like hydromorphone withdrawals are way more intense but shorter, you’ll probably want a couple days off from work lol.

    Anyway I’m not a fan of things like sublocade cause you have less control over it, once you get it you’re stuck till it wears off. At least with the strips you can stop right away or adjust.
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    Sublocade has the identical active ingredient as Suboxone and Subutex, your not in withdraw because you are still taking the same drug just with a different ROA and formulation.

    The best analogy I could up with is- it's like snorting/smoking heroin and then switching to a long acting IM of heroin, I mean of course you aren't going to withdraw.
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    So are you on this stuff now? Thought you said you were clean, not really so if this drug acts on the same receptors.
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    So you are suppose to get the shot every 28 days. And you rotate spots. So in 3 months you have 3 active sights giving you the medication. I only went for 2. It stays in your system for 3 months and is such a gradual release of the drug everyone says that you dont end up withdrawing from it when you stop. Becuase it is an EXTREMLY slow halflife. So I skipped the last 2 injections and that means its been about 6-7 weeks.

    What I am saying is I had withdrawal symtoms every day taking subs. I havent had one slight withdrawal symptom from sublocade. And I finally feel like I will actually have a shot of being done for good. I am not going back to get another shot. I am done. BUT there is still a little left in my system. That being said when I had this mcuch left in my system taking orally, I was getting sick. Where I feel perfectly fine.

    I was seeing who else had experience with this. Becasue it is a life changer.
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    I was told from at least 5 people. They got 2 shots and never went back again and have been sober ever since, NEVER had one withdrawal symptom. And many have done that 1-2 years prior.
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    Also with subs it gave me the ability to have sex and NEVER CUM. Where I can finally feel my cock again and not feeling numb all over. I would last forever and it was EXHAUSTING.

    With this new stuff and stopping the feeling has come back.

    I was not able to stop suboxone. And I am finally stopping this shit. ALso it broke the habit of feeling the need to take something EVERYDAY. I havent took anything for 6-7 weeks. It feel good.
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    I wanted to write ome info on here for others to see how great it is. And Its not just me its 5 other people I spoke with. They said they never withdrew when they stopped. I m feeling they were right.
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    I will report back every 2 weeks.
    To assure if there is any withdrawals
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    So far so good. Have not touch anything or subs since my last shot like 4 months ago. Have zero withdrawal symptoms and its out of my system. So This was the best stuff and broke the habit taking a sub every day. I am now totally 100% off everything and feel great!

    if anyone else is struggling I recommend this stuff.
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