Success stories from blast and cruisers/long term users

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    So i am a blast and cruise guy.
    I started when i was a little older than 20 years, and am 25 now.
    I went off completely for 3/4 months last year before summer, and already saw a raise in natural levels again, after finishing pct.

    I had issues getting my dick hard during the off time, but i guess thats pretty plausible, being on exogenous test for over 3 years and then stopping.
    Although towards the end, i got it hard again, it was like 1 month of stressing myself because it would get flaccid during intercourse with the gf at that time.

    Well, since then im on again, and whenever i used exogenous test and aas, i had 0 issues. I just have to grab a boobie and my penis is tingling.

    Im at the point of also being an easy recognizable gear user, so i have random people at my job or whatever come at me once in a while, and well..getting the "hah you look good but cant get hard/never have kids/will have ed when youre older" and all that..

    Tbh, i dont worrx that much when im by myself because i feel good and never had issues, but when people (who have no clue about aas and talk to you about typical stereotypes) it still makes me worry about my future in like 10 years..

    I dont plan on always blasting, but i agreed for myself that i probably have to be on trt forever, which istn too bad, IF well..i wouldnt get into ed issues then.

    Kids i hate, so never plan on those, also healthwise, of course i "overdone it" and had up to 2g of gear on my blasts, and learning by doing..i wont need that much for a successfull blast.


    id just want experienced guys to talk here about successfull stories, of you know, being on aas for a long time, or trt and stuff, blasting-cruising and still being able to have sex, be healthy.

    I kinda need to hear/read the other side too, im sure theres many dudes who can report having neither issues, or if they had them, they were able to succesfully combat them.

    I always read and hear about the bad side, now i want positive stories..
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    I'm 38 years old. I've been using gear for literally half my life, since 19.

    I am on TRT at 200mg/wk of test. My bloodwork normally shows liver enzymes about 30-40 points higher than normal, no big deal, these levels have been consistent for over 10+ years now. much of the reading is more due to extreme exercise than any gear as I normally don't run any orals at all anymore.

    Sex life is absolutely amazing and I NEVER HAVE ERECTILE ISSUES. I take cialis at about 5-10mg per day for health issues other than ED. I use it for heart health, blood flow, to keep BP from creeping up, although I've never had high blood pressure at all. Just sort of a proactive methodology.

    Cholesterol is fairly out of whack with good cholesterol just above normal baseline and bad cholesterol higher, but the ratio isn't as bad as it could be. I use 10mg of simvastatin daily to help with my cholesterol and I'd say 90% of TRT users will inevitably deal with some sort of cholesterol issues from exogenous testosterone usage.

    The quality of my life is fucking incredible and I don't regret TRT a bit. I walk around and see all these miserable fucks who can't lose fat, have no sense of purpose in life outside of work, and have terrible marriages and sex lives.

    I have been married for 14 years now and I tear that shit up more now than I did the first year!

    Now the part on kids, hey man that's your call. My son is the best thing that ever happened to me and kids are like a second chance to be better than you are.

    Your kids are a part of you, an extension. You can make that part of you better or worse. My son knows the meaning of a solid handshake, keeping your word, looking someone in the eye, and he wears suits and ties at 9 yrs old sometimes and he's proud of looking good when he goes out places!

    A lot of ppl don't like kids, its cool. But think if nobody liked you, you might not be here right? Someone gave you a chance man, just remember that. One day the gym isn't going to be all that matters, if it is you're gonna end up miserable.

    I've always had the gym as my foundation in life, hell my life has been built upon using the gym as my home base. But there are some things in life that I had to get away from the gym a bit to accomplish and now life is fucking awesome! I do not feel like the normal guy closing in on 40 yrs old. I feel fucking amazing and I'm guessing life would not be this good without TRT.
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    The biggest piece of advice I could give any of you guys is that if you're a blast and cruise guy then don't even try coming off test unless it's to get script test (which is the best thing you could do because you'll always know it's legit and you'll be getting regular bloodwork).

    Also, save yourself the trouble of dealing with a shitty life, depression, and a limp dick. Go get on TRT. I would tell anyone who wants to cycle to either plan on being on the shit forever or don't touch it at all, not even once! Me? I've made my bed and I'm laying in it. I gear the fuck up!

    If I had never made this bed then I may not be laying in it right now. Ahhh who the fuck am I kidding...I love this shit!!
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    My son is the best thing that I have ever happened to me as well. I was on a blast when my girl got pregnant. He is a beast man. I decided to cruise after that blast last year. We might try for a girl soon so I'm trying to not be too wreckless
    I saw the thread where you were discussing this. I've heard about it many times over the last few years and I think I might give it a go. BP isn't high but it could act as a preventative measure as well right? Did you start at a certain dosage and wind down? Cause 20mg seems high for this purpose which seems to be the general ugl dosage. Or you cap your own?
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    No, 20mg is way too high for daily use. That is the "weekend pill" dosage for people solely using it for ED.

    I was scripted 5mg daily but insurance was giving me shit over it and I decided it was easier to get a liquid cialis and just use 7.5mg a day, since it was dosed at 30mg/ml, and 1/4 of a ml lands me right at 7.5mg on the daily.

    I have since found a reliable place for pharm grade 5mg tabs and I've been using 5mg daily again. Every once in awhile when I want to leave some real damage to the pussy I'll hit 15-20mg about 8-12 hours prior to game time. I always had a slight delayed reaction to that stuff when using it for sex.

    Do I need t to get a hard-on? Hell nah, never had issues there! But why run 87 octane when you can run jet fuel and leave a bitch sore as hell?

    Now, call me a twisted fucker, but my motto is, "If she ain't sore then I didn't do a good enough job!" And honestly bro, chicks like it. They know when they're sore as hell that the guy straight tore it apart! They know this. It's a beat your chest, Guerilla type deal rt? hahaha

    Cialis makes my dick harder and larger when it's game time, I hjear it from her all the time. She's like "you took extra cialis this morning didn't you?" I'm like yea why? She say's "because it felt bigger tonight", hey man I'll take that!!!

    But on a more serious note, prostate health is better when on it. That piss stream that gets weaker as you age, yea that goes away and you begin pissing strong again! Prostate health on the bloodwork shows a great prostate still, after gearing for almost 20 years.

    Cialis has also been shown to have very mild anti-depressant properties to it. I simply prefer to be on it than not on it.
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