Successful Finasteride use with TRT

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    i’ve been reading many unbiased posts about guys who are using finasteride successfully while on TRT. Many men who are on TRT get very high DHT spikes and can be vulnerable to hair loss, acne, and prostate enlargement. What men are doing is using low dosage finasteride to bring down DHT to the lower end to middle of the acceptable range. This enables them to have have adequate amounts of DHT but prevents their DHT from going to the higher end or over the top of the reference range where many men suffer DHT related side effects.
    The refernce range for dht is 35-85. The trick seems to be not letting dht get too low and maintaining levels in the 45-65 range.
    Most men who experience side effects from finasteride already have borderline free testosterone levels and normal dht which are “ picking up the slack” from lower T. When dht gets low, they experience problems because now both dht and T are low.
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    Interesting reading
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    My brother has been on 5 mgs of proscar ( finasteride) for almost 2 years with no side effects.