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  1. tattscp35

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    Okay so what is everyone using to but and sell bitcoin? Man it is a real pain.

    I tried Cash app but my license won't get approved. I need to send in photos through email. Seems like there is no wait to buy and send though.

    I tried coinbase but when I buy bit coin it gets put on hold for 15 days. So by the time it's ready I've lost money.

    I tried coinbit ATM which has been the fastest but you get hit big with fees.
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    If your talking about a wallet, I suggest mycelium. For anonymous purchasing of Bitcoin I suggest LibertyX.
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  4. IF were to outline for someone doing it for the first time, what step by step would you do?
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  6. tattscp35

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    But this still has to have your money sit in there for 15 days before you can use it to buy coins. So is there any app or anything you can do where you can buy coins and sell them within an hour?
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    No, once the money is in "Cash" you can buy/sell from there instantly.
  8. tattscp35

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    So I did a sample thing. I have $8.96 cash (USD) coinbase app on phone. I can't deposit or withdraw for 15 days.
  9. tattscp35

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    Can I pm you please
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    Yes. That's deposit/withdraw from your bank. Within Coinbase there's a cash wallet. Moving BTC in and out of there is instant.

    Read this whole thread
  11. tattscp35

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    Read it. I took that $8.96 and bought bitcoin. After fees it left me with $7.94 worth of bitcoin. But when I go to send them it's doesn't allow me.
  12. tattscp35

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    "Deposits are placed on a temporary hold while we wait for the transfer to clear. You can instantly buy with all your funds, but you can only send digital currencies or withdraw to your bank account up to your available balance".
  13. tattscp35

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    So I believe through research above is the iussue you will run into with coinbase. In order for you to put money into your Cash USD it is is a deposit. Coinbase quote above about being deposits being on hold
  14. tattscp35

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    Contacted coinbase and asked the following. To me, from their answer it looks like there will be a hold. You can buy but not send immediatly.

    Hi there,

    Thank you for writing in! Your “Available Balance” is how much you can withdraw or send immediately. After depositing funds directly from your bank account (not including wire transfers or debit cards), you will be able to immediately buy digital assets using your Coinbase USD wallet. However, deposited funds are placed under an initial hold before you can take them out of Coinbase (ie deposit into your personal bank account). You will not be able to withdraw these funds to your bank, or send digital assets you purchased using them, until your deposit has cleared from your bank.

    You can learn more about your available balance here

    Warm Regards,

    Coinbase Support
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    Again you're talking about depositing from bank account. I tried helping you. Once you buy the BTC from the Cash wallet you can send it. There's no delay. And it's not Coinbase. You are literally the only one with this problem, and save for me logging in your account and doing it for you, there's really nothing more I can do to explain this for you.

    Best of luck.
  16. tattscp35

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    Not sure why so frustrated. Maybe I am the only one but just looking for help which is part of what I thought this forum was for.

    Can anyone explain where I find my CASH WALLET. all I see for Cash is the CASH USD where tge only 2 options I have are deposit or withdraw.
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    Would pay a $20 fee at the ATM any day then put up with waiting, verifying, id's, etc..!!
  18. tattscp35

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    Came back to this forum to notice a few people having the same issue I did with these wsit times from coinbase. Sounds like I wasn't the ONLY ONE having this issue in the end