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    Dear All, thank you for your trust so far. The first packages are on the way! As it's Xmas time and postal services/customs are over-worked and in festive mood., this is usually the best time for parcels to pass through, unnoticed and unopened. I have a little promotion for prospective customers willing to test the quality of Thai brands and of my service. Here we go:
    Anabol 5 British Dispensary 200 tabs 10 USD
    Danabol DS Body Research 200 tabs 19 USD
    Dianabol 10 SB Labs 200 tabs 19 USD
    clenbuterol 40 mcg Meditech 100 tabs 20 USD
    Stanozolol 5 LA Pharma 200 tabs 25 USD
    Happy Holidays!
  2. No one was dumb enough to order from you, so you can save the bullshit. And stop spamming the forum. You already have a thread here.

    Go pound sand, numbnuts.
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    Crap!!!!!!! GtFO
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    Fuck off and die, ladyboy.
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    Fuck off faggot, your kind aren't wanted here.
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    Gee guys, where's your Christmas spirit? I mean, he called it his "Xmas Promotion". Besides, since customs is just letting parcels "pass through unnoticed and unopened" this time of year, no better time than the present!

    And speaking of present - I personally plan to take advantage of this sale to buy Christmas gifts for ALL of my Meso friends.

    Dear Meso friends, please list your full name and addresses in this thread so I will know where to send your Super Duper Superbolic presents!
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    Arkham asylum
    12345 go fuck yourself rd
    Fake Gear City, Atlantis
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  8. James B. Comey
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
    (202) 324-3000
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    Please send it here. He is a good guy just short on money. It would make him happy at Xmas time
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    I thought christmas in Thailand was just when the trannys put on santa hats and gave half priced handjobs
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    So i read this guys threads and i like his reaction to our vetting. If @shangkhang is serious about this post
    I run kick ass pre contest logs. If you let me pick my cycle and i place well have a great bulk or nail a photo shoot and the gear helps me and dose not hold me back i will pay.

    I am currently finishing up a pct my next cycle is not yet determined. We can work out the specifics as the time approaches.
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    Quag Mier
    Giggity Giggity Goo Ave
    X-mas Time South Pole
    Zip. 6988
    Huh huh huh....Alright:p
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    Heywood JaBlowme
    978 Fuckyou St
    South park zip6374688
    Still waiting for my order :(
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    Help me understand - are you asking him to front you a cycle, and you'll pay if you like it afterwards?

    Please tell me I am not understanding you correctly.
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    I've heard the chao pho will pay gear whores who don't pay up a personal visit.
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    TRANNYS! !!!!!!
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    I forgot to mention that everything I post generates the usual shit storm from the usual few Neo Nazis. So please PM and we can talk further. If you reply to my posts openly you'll get a ton of crap from these jerks. Thanks.
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    Stfu skankhand