Superdrol experiences and input

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by johntt44, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. johntt44

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    So about 2 weeks ago I started a Superdrol cycle at 20mg a day split into 2 doses along with my trt of 200mg a week test cyp. My muscles were full and more vascular by day 5, I'm thinking "great!". By day 7, I had a constant headache! My BP was 150/90 and my blood pressure doesn't even rise on tren. Would you cut dosage in half to 10mg or just throw them out? Thanks!
    P.s. The lethargy was terrible also!
  2. Agrex110

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    I would just do 10mg ED pre workout. thats it. See if the sides go away. If not, throw it away or give it to me haha.

    Sdrol is so harsh.
  3. kiwigear

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    Bin that shit.. Its toxic garbage
  4. rocko

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    yeah more than 10mg pd isnt recommended . although I got better results on 10mg per day, I lost my appetite at week 2.
  5. jaymaximus

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    The sides on sdrol arent worth the gains. Everytime I run it I promise to never use it again.
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  6. kap73

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    Im in the same boat. Made me feel fucked at work and i work in construction so i cant be getting all lethargic. I havent promised i wont use it again tho lol obly time i would use it is if i had 6 weeks off work
  7. bigstretch

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    I honestly never had any real bad side effects from SD. Got great results, lean dry, gains. This is before I did blood work though, so who really knows how it was effecting my body. I don't really use a lot of orals these days. If it's messing up your BP that much, I would just stop taking it.
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  8. TheQuest

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    I love SD and think its great for size. Pumps and strength are all there but it kills my appetite and sex drive. 10mg is just a joke use 20mg or nothing imo.
  9. Janoy crevesa

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    Superdrol is great for those who can run it without severe sides.
  10. TheQuest

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    20/30/30 is how is cycle it. Vascularity and pumps are crazy. Guess dbol/drols win if we talk about strength. But i love the dry look i get from SD.
  11. Morefyah

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    I think it should only be ran for 21-25 days and at no more the than 20 mg.
    You are a 1/3 of the way there now.
    I wouldn't dump it unless the sides become unbearable.
    Try dosing it 10 to 12 hours apart.
    I only have one bottle left in my stash because I sold the rest.
  12. Biggamestop

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    I hear the injectable sdrol isn't nearly bad for sides.