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  1. Santana

    Santana Junior Member

    Any one here ever used Superdrol In a cycle??
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  2. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    Yep, running some right now. 20 mgs split am and pre-wo. It's good stuff but harsh on the liver. Sides aren't bad unless you get 30mgs or more. Comparable to Adrol in action and results.
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  3. fodsod

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    I'd recommend 30mgs or less ed and no longer than 6 weeks. 4 weeks would be better if you're 20+mgs ed.
  4. TideGear

    TideGear Member

    I just started eq and npp. I have some sdrol on hand and I wanna throw it in at some point. I was thinking of adding it at week 5. Any thoughts?
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  5. Morefyah

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    Maybe you don’t feel sides at 20 mg because your 260lbs, but that’s not the norm, and luckily you can’t feel the liver sides. It’s the extreme lethargy, back pumps, loss of appetite, insomnia, and destruction of your digestive system, which becomes worse with the more food you eat. Must ugl SD is sub par anyway, if it’s even SD.
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  6. Santana

    Santana Junior Member

    Are you running it with anything else ?
  7. Santana

    Santana Junior Member

    260lbs you saying it’s. It worth it?
  8. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    Can't really argue any of your points. I'm only running it because it's what I had left over and I wanted to use it up. If given the choice I wouldn't buy it again. I prefer Anadrol or dbol when I do run orals in the off season. I limit that to once a year since show prep requires so many orals close to show day.
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  9. fodsod

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    Yes, its' on top of cyp (1000mgs/week, tren a (450mgs/week), mast (400mgs/week), gh (3uis pre-wo), mk 677 (50mgs split am/pm) and insulin (12uis pre-wo on training days) at the moment.

    Worth it? Well, if you have a choice there are better oral options but it does bring results. It's something that if you haven' tried it then I'd say give it a try. Every AAS gives every person slightly different results so you might take it and see great results and have almost no sides or you might feel like total shit.

    My off season weight is typically 250-265 pounds depending on water retention and how far into the bulking I am. I'm only about 6 weeks in right now so I'm 250-255 right now at about 10-12%bf.
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  10. Used last cycle along side of npp and test blend. Strength gains were awesome. Didn’t split the dose though only used 20mg 60min before workout. 30mg was too much and only raised BP more. 20 was my sweet spot. Only downside for me was lethargy about an hour after workout. Especially on leg and back days I would be praying to be able to nap before work or it would be a long night. Nice dry gains though and again crazy strength and added pumps were nice. Got some intense back pumps occasionally. But like @fodsod said it’s very harsh. What I did was cycle it two weeks on/off for ten weeks. Again only using preworkout . Also along side the NPP was always nice and full. Felt pumped most ge day after my workouts too
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  11. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    I'd think that would be appropriate depending on your goals for the cycle. It'd be a nice strength boost behind the NPP and shouldn't cause much water retention and your need for an AI will be minimal also.
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  12. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    Yeah, the lower back pumps when you're already holding water is insane. It really gets in the way of optimal training some days.

    I don't notice the lethargy thanks to the gh and mk677 already putting me to sleep if I stop moving for any length of time. LOL.
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  13. I don’t wanna steal the thread but can you please explain mk677 to me, why you use it, and dose you use for what reasons I don’t completely understand it.
  14. Dude. Try hopping on a street bike and riding home after. Hahaha
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  15. fodsod

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    Been there done that. Not cool for sure.
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  16. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    I'll shoot you a pm.
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  17. Brandaddy

    Brandaddy Member

    That's why I have a cruiser with highway bars. Just sit back and stretch out. Ha
  18. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    Sdrol is harsh.

    20mg split is plenty if you have legit sdrol . The lethargic sides are legit also. I ran it for 3 weeks a couple months ago . Couldn't wait to get off, felt like ass. I've since dabbled with it as a pwo, there's some strength gain, but end up feeling like ass.

    I'm old . Life's too short and there's so many better things to takes besides sdrol .
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  19. the_drugs_had_nofx

    the_drugs_had_nofx Junior Member

    I'd like to know more about mk 677 also.
  20. Notadouche

    Notadouche Member

    I'm on day 19 of my first sdrol (first oral period) run @ 20mg/25mg/30mg weeks 1 thru 3 kicking off a low test high tren mast E cycle...200/700/700... and I'm a fucking water balloon! I'm holding water sub q ridiculously's a side I've read a billion times shouldn't happen but it clearly is. Strength is through the roof the pumps are ok the lethargy is serious the heart burn is outrageous all of which I was prepared for but the sub q water retention was most definitely unwanted and unexpected.