Supertropin IGF-1 LR3

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    Has anyone here used it? Is it good?
  2. LordSamuilo

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    Ive run their lr3 a few times , and its one of the few brands of lr3 ive actually had any notable results from .

    The biggest thing i noticed were the insane pumps Id get compared to other brands. 30-40mcgs was all i could handle or the pumps would be so intense it would ruin my workouts . Ive ran a few other brands at 100mcg's+ without getting close to the same effect .

    Im not a huge fan supertropins gh , it was effective but it gave me horrible sides compared to medi's and greys(the old greys) , but the lr3 ive got no complaints about .
  3. Swedishsteel

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    Whats the price on these? see sciroxx got for 200 dollar
  4. LordSamuilo

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    125$ domestic for 10-100mcg vials if I recall correctly.
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    This is correct. The supertropin guys sell the grey tops just branded as supertropin, it's weird that it caused you more sides.
  6. LordSamuilo

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    I have a hard time believing that they were the same product . I think they just looked alike and the sp guys saw an opportunity to take advantage of a long standing brands reputation to boost sales .

    If they were genuinely the original grey tops why would SP not just brand them as the grey tops and ride the wave of the already popular name ? So supposedly instead.... he decided to take a premium name and rebrand it to something nobody's ever heard of , and sell it at a cheaper price ?

    Honestly the supertropins were/are good imo but everytime without fail when I'd switch from tp's greys to supertropin id bloat up like a water buffalo . Now the new grey tops I know nothing about , and they could be using the same manufacturer at this point i dont know .
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    My kits I just received are identical in every way to the grey tops I had left over from PD when he was around. I'll know here in a week or two if I respond the same way I just finished my first vial last night.

    There was also another member here who ordered from tp, and since the supertropin guy claimed to ship for TP, he asked him what the tracking number was. The supertropin guy was able to provide him with the exact tracking number TP had provided him earlier. This story came from someone I dont know so I cant confirm it. I'm only going off of my observations.
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    Very simple, TP created his own labels and website and provided to ST to ship his hgh w/labels , ST was selling greys to TP for almost a year exclusive , but decided to launch its brand after the greys success, these are Ansomone ( I know many of you disagree on this) but that’s the hgh brand that can’t b sold with labels in USA , ST launched in PM, but left to BOP to not interfere with TP, but few months ago they stopped providing to TP, ST doesn’t need to use thegreytop labels, first , those labels are made by TP, second they had proved their quality on bop, ST labels design are superior if u care for labels to resell, I don’t care for labels
    About their IGF, they give you a free vial or 2 of 100 mcg per hgh kit
    A good reason to buy from them, I tried it, and agree that is very good and superior, they claim that comes from same plant that makes the hgh
    For those that know the greys from TP, the old vials, and buy from ST, you know is exact same product
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    I know the whole story , and it all may very well be true . I hardly ever go on bop or pm so i dont know the intricacies of what all went on behind the scenes , so when i say that st and tp's greys are different its just my personal opinion based of my experience mostly .

    And ive had amazing results with supertropins , so im not bashing them . But i absolutely without question had bloating issues with supertropin in comparison to "greys" . It wasnt debilitating , but it was notable . Similarly i had issues with batch 38 of the medi's , so its possible that the supertropins i used had similar degradation issue which caused the bloating.

    I honestly dont know , but it seemed weird he would not use grey tops name since it already had a following . Combined with the differences i noticed from st to tp it seemed questionable that the story of them being the same brand was true .

    And the thing that gets me is if the story is true , and ST stArted his own brand to seperate him from TP why are they now trying to reattached themselves to the grey tops ?

    I dont know though its really irrelevant i like the greys , i like the supertropins , and i like the medi's . The only real reason i gravitate towards one or the others depends on whats in supply . The sp's tend to be at the bottom of that list because of the bloat ive experienced , but they're still on my short list of generics i like.
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    How he’s gonna use TP greys labels ?
    TP print his own labels, created a website for it
    ST can’t use his labels
    Thegreytop website was created by TP
    ST can’t use those labels
    That’s why they started small on PM and got bigger in BOP and the truth came out, ST shipped all hgh greys and labels to all TP clients And I can tell u that cuz I was buying from TP and moved to ST
    As a test
    I told ST that I will place an order with TP and I gave him my shipping address
    So I told him not to give TP my tracking #
    To provide it to me
    And he did it
    He gave me my tracking from the order I placed with TP
    After that I stopped service w TP and moved with ST, it was faster and way better costumer service
    At the end was Same hgh and I got a free IGF vial that was good
    Hope this answers your question and many people
    As for ST water retention, many factors could b
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  11. LordSamuilo

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    Yeah i get it now after i reread your previous post . I thought people were claiming st was reselling tp's stock and relabeling them . It didnt make any sense , but thats because i completely missed the ansonome connention .

    Like i said i was never really inclined to look that deeply into it . I had good results with the st's minus the bloat issue , and didnt really care about all the hearsay surrounding them .