Supertropin update ?

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    Hi all

    Ill be out of pharma Gh (Jintropin bought in Chinese hospitals when I lived there) ina couple of months and need to get some more GH.
    Used several kits of Supertropin, nothing much to say abt the quality, so far my experience with GH is I notice the effects upon discontinuing it, when training logs show less sets. Now into fighting sports struggling to keep up with much younger folks so keen on staying on GH.
    Has anyone recent feedback on Supertropin ? It has a good name but some serum tests came out with very high numbers (saw one with 60 on BOP last time I checked), many are very excited with such high numbers but that´s much more than the results on pharma grade GHs so I´m a little suspicious.
    Dealt several times with Supertropin HK office btw, and the guy is great there, service has always been top notch, had some bloods on his chinese pharma hcg which came on point but never on his GH. I get tingly sometimes and fingers might swell on 5IU, but at 3.3IU a day as I´m running now feel strictly nothing, on Super or Jintropin.
    Claim is Supertropin is Ansomone produced for the black market but no idea how much of that is true, noticed they are also selling Ansomone kits sometimes, but that doesn´t mean much.
    Dealt with their European distributor as well, which went well, prices are around 50% higher and while shipping within Europe is much faster than from HK, I don´t know how long teh GH has travelled before it got to his distribution points in Europe.
    Would be OK to deal gain with either of their branches though.

    Thanks for all feedback !
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    I got worst cts sides on the ST and I dont buy or wanna hear that they are anosomes like they say anymore sure ST rep will be over here soon.they were the first hgh I tried and I scored a 199 off of 4iu of ST and then tested TP greys at the time were supposedly the same and scored 250 off 3iu go figure.My bloods were on bop a long time ago but ya I had to sleep with my hands off the bed at night felt like they were on fire! I would stick with jins if they are real.
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    Thanks for this feedback Brady, some posters came out with good IGF numbers on blood tests over the last couple of years, but one poster(Mands ?) did an experiment doing bloods after a using a bumch of different GHs and his numbers following ST were among the lowest. I had some cts with ST but nothing bad, using 5IU from memory, hands definetely swollen.
    Something dodgy with the very high GH serum test, from memory pharma score around 20, but some UG GH get much higher scores ( think a result of 60 was recently posted on BOP for ST, let me know anyone if I´m wrong)
    Jintropin is definetely legit btw but I don´t have access to any new stock (got it prescribed for my kid while living in China, we brought a whole bunch of kits to follow his treatment when moving to Europe, but than he got followed by a local endo and is now on Saizen, so I inherited quite a few boxes. Before that also bought a few Jin kits in the drugstore in HK, still available otc along TRT meds/test there )
    It´s probably much safer to use pharma grade, but on the black market we don´t know how real they are
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    There's some dude or two that comes into ST threads and says he has first hand knowledge that they are still relabeled ansi but I think that's a crock of shit. I've seen more negative stuff about ST than positive in recent times.

    He should arrive shortly.

    If you're in the US stick with the tried and tested generics like Opti/TP/etc.
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    ya he is rep for them and they showed pics of them in a fridge together but doesnt mean much to me but you should go get IGF done see if they are working for you.I think He us in europe he said.
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    Thanks both for your replies !
    In Europe indeed, not familiar with Optitropin, will check their thread
    As of TP, last I read is he was even harder to reach than usual, anyone know if its business is running fine atm ?
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    I grabbed some STs because I was getting low on Opti and the whole knock thing. Gonna run the for a few weeks and pull igf-1 to see where we're at. I know a guy who's pulled solid IGF scores from them but it was a few months ago. TP has always been a pain in the ass but the blacks were always good for me. I'm hoping Opti stays going good because it's rather stay with him.

    But we'll see
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