Supplements for harder and longer erections?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Bodybuilder26, Aug 6, 2020.

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    Beside AAS and viagra, I’m looking for supplements that you guys swear by that enhance erections and maintain them. I’m 26 and never used hormones before but I feel like I’m just not as horny as I used to be and it could be stress, lack of sleep and working too much.
    I have used ZMA before for sleep, I know zinc helps with test levels, I have used Nitric oxide precursors but I want to know what are supplements that you guys are currently using or have used in the past that helped with erections.

    I googled this and found some stuff but I wanna know and I get it most supplements are sometimes a waste of money but I’m just asking...
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    Why using viagra when the nature offers you cialis? There is Yohimbine too from nature by the way, but i think Cialis is safer... remember that heroin, cocaine, morphine, arsenic,caffeine, ephedrine, are all Lifetime Naturals, and they can easily destroy you... you can kill youself with Sodium Bicarbonate too, from hemolysis... water will make blood cells explode... so starting with 1/4 of a tab of Viagra and Cialis would be surely a good bid... i heard about Maca Pruriens too...
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    You're best off going with just some regular stuff that isnt SPECIFICALLY designed for erections.
    Like B vitamins and Zinc.
    Zinc really helps with huge loads too.

    You can be a rockstar with a massive cock, but if we arent hosing her down, what are we doing?

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  4. i saw this shit at the store the other day.
    The back of the packaging claims that the effects last up to 7 days.

    Not exactly sure how a bunch of herbs tossed into a capsule will last 7 days, but alrighty then.

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    I don't think I would want to walk around with a hard cock for days...that would be painful and noticeable haha to keep it down...shit might have to go to the ED and get it checked out.
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    Get a hotter girlfriend. If yours is fat and nagging all the time... There's the problem.
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    Wasn't the question but currently don't have one but talking to a few different ladies ;)
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    True story... i had one of them... we were bonded anyway even if i wasnt really attracted... i fucked some times my ex gf that was waaaay hotter , she discovered it and got severely mad... and we broke up in a very bad way.... cmon , whatta a selfish bitches there are out there... youre fat and nagging all the time? Let me fuck prettier girls and dont bust my balls
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    PT-141. Its an injectable peptide you can buy on line. In my opinion it works better the cialis or viagra, the only draw back is that it turns my face and neck noticeably red and makes me fell flushed about 15 minutes after the injection and I fill that way for about an hour or so. But great erections for the rest of the night and into the next day.
  10. I disagree with Mucana, any vitamins B or otherwise, ZMA, ZMK. None of those will boost libido or erection quality.

    Consider products containing horney goat weed (aka icariin), fenugreek, tribulus, Fadogia, and long jack (aka Tongat). There are plenty of prop blends but most are underdosed for what u are looking for. An example of this would be Deisel Test Hardcore which has everything thrown in, but no idea what dosages are. I recommend buying them separately to find ur personal dosing points.

    Edit: I also believe that PT 141 and viagras will work better than the supplements I suggested. Im just providing easy access alternatives.
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  11. Nah dude I’ve had drugless priapism more than once. Eventually the pain radiates from the dick/pubic area to the butthole lol, plus it gets scary when hours go by and you’re still hard. Luckily the worst cases resolved themselves when I peed. You don’t even wanna know what they do in the hospital to treat it.
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    They cut your junk like a latina lover.
  13. Pretty much
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    how the hell did that occur? You should had a line of bitches with their holes spread wide open waiting for their turns haha I would be fucking them for hours until I can satisfy all their holes.
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    Yeah I used to be super horny in my early 20s and I’m still young at 26 but I just feel like I’m not where I used to be, like I would have massive pain in my nuts from having blue balls.
  16. Do a fat shot of melanotan 2 to the jugular. @Human_backhoe has experience with erections and accidentally taking too much Melanotan 2.
  17. lol idk man, I hadn’t taken any viagra or cialis. I remember waking up rock hard and then realized something was wrong when an hour went by, then a few more. Definitely more than four hours plus however long while I was asleep. I took a bunch of aspirin to thin the blood and Benadryl, which kinda softened it but was still hard enough for sex. Tbh the thought of sex or jackin off never came to mind, mostly cause I was getting scared I’d have to go to the ER.

    Happened twice drug free, and a couple other times but those times I took viagra and libido boosting drugs.

    I understand, just a couple years ago I had the priapisms, could have sex 5x jack it 3 more times and still go to sleep uncomfortably hard. I still have good libido and get painfully hard boners but the libido part isn’t uncontrollably high like a couple years ago. Maybe it’s from porn, but if I find a girl I really like I get the uncontrollable libido.

    Anyway re your original question, for supplements I’d recommend zinc, vitamin D, ashwaganda, fish oil/flaxseed oil, vitamin E, you can take l-arganine too but if you got something like the herps it can make them come out. I’d also recommend avocado, raw egg yolks, watermelon which is like natures viagra cause it dilates the blood vessels, also basically as much fruit and vegetables as possible, plus some liver cause you’ll need some copper if you take zinc. Some of these like the avocado work more if you’re natty or semi-natty like if you use hcg cause it provides raw material for steroids.
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    Even your dick will want to throw up! Reasonable doses will give you a great boost in sex drive! To the point where if your alone on the highway at 4 am you half consider pounding one off.
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    Maca helps.

    Then, introduce the girl's foot in your mouth.
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    I can really recommend cialis. Maybe start low if you want to, like 5mg - 10 mg a day. Cialis is really awesome. Side effects are pretty rare as far as i know, especially at this dosage, it doesn't cause an erection - only improves them and also has a few other nice benefits - for bodybuilding these are amazing. Improves pump in the gym, reduces blood pressure extremely well and it can support your prostate(is used as a treatment for prostate enlargement at dosages from 2,5mg to 5mg ed)
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