Supplements to prevent from side effects of AAS

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  1. chloeb

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    Hello everybody,

    Does someone know what kind of supplements we can take to prevent for example :

    * Acne --> @leggodess told me about B5
    * Hair growth / facial hair ?
    * Deeper voice ?
    * Other sides effects : on your menstrual cycle etc ?

    I must admit I'm lil bit nervous about facial hair LOL

    Thank you !
  2. GearGodess

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    Spironolactone is a good diuretic that also works on unwanted hair growth (prescribed for PCOS, Hirsutism, etc)

    As for your period question, not sure what you mean. All AAS will eventually stop your cycle.

    And the BEST way to stop/eliminate unwanted sides is controlled doses. Use the smallest dose of AAS compound and stop or reduce dose if any unwanted sides appear. Pay close attention to your body.
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  3. chloeb

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    Yes I checked this diuretic, old one used by competitors but I didn't know it can works for unwanted hair growth. Do you mean we take it during our ON cycle or just before/after?

    Yes AAS stopped my cycle but I wasn't already well "settle" so it didn't change anything but I will pay attention and made a blood test on my differents values to be sure there is no problem.

    Yes I do pay attention, I just notice with primo E than my hair seems to be darker...

    Otherwise, what do you think about subq for AAS ? I did for primo E because I wasn't prepare for IM and it seems to work well too.

  4. The only thing i can pick off the list is acne.
    From what i understand, some use dawn dish soap in the shower and say it works.

    Never tried it myself, but it's worth a shot. Even if it doesn't help, it won't cause any harm.
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  5. chloeb

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    Yes for sure it won't harm, fortunalty I didn't get many side effects for the moment. This is just for information and to help people in case of...
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  6. Millard Baker

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    Topical spironolactone?

    Oral ingestion of spironolactone blocks androgen receptors throughout the body. It's also used in MTF trangender hormone therapy.

    It's prescribed for hirsutism in women but is it something useful for women seeking the benefits of anabolic steroids?
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  7. GearGodess

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    spironolactone is an old used method in this lifestyle as well. It is a potassium sparring diuretic. That's what competitors used in fairly high amounts to eliminate water in their bodies prior to competition. It's still one method but not as common anymore that I know of. I don't suggest for "everyday" use, unless you're competing and last resort. I suggested it to answer the question of what can help.

    IM injections are best but subQ works too but my experience is only with subQ testosterone. I have never tired or had anyone I work with inject primo subQ. You need to be careful, as you can get painful lumps, marble like on your tummy that take forever to disapear, especially on low fat %

    yes, it blocks androgen receptors but from my experience with it, it is a fair balance. Mind you, the women I worked with had this drug already prescribed for various reproductive conditions (PCOS and Endometriosis) and ran cycles without a real big problem, even at slightly higher doses. What we did find is when they were on the drug, they didn't retain as much water and there wasn't much change in their hair growth. So no extra unwanted hair in random spots which they loved. Although when running without the spironolactone, they had slightly better results with their cycles. So it definitely stunts the progress, which was expected due to the nature of this drug, but also halts the excessive hair growth.
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  8. Millard Baker

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    How/why is adding spironolactone better than simply lowering the androgen load?
  9. GearGodess

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    So in my experience, and this is with mostly either myself being a guinea pig to try so I know how it feels and/or the women who have other medical conditions who used spironolactone for their condition. Sometimes lowering the androgen load is not possible due to the way the AAS are dosed for a particular lady and they are at the minimums with one compound already but the compounding affect of each dose already has been minimized with dosing and we still need to ensure her cycle is effective with those minimum doses. Hope that makes sense.

    I'll use 2 examples, myself and another lady with PCOS who is prescribed 25mg a day and using AAS.
    When I was using spironolactone as a 'water pill' at 50mg-100mg, I noticed my body handled higher doses of my AAS without any extra noticeable hair growth and I was in the bathroom A LOT more than my usual as well as sweating increased. I'm guessing that it's the spironiolactone. I could run multiple compounds at my max doses without any issues or increased/noticeable/sped up hair growth.

    One of my ladies, who initially was on spironolactone and decided to come off it for her next cycle (her call not mine, maybe even her doc's) and what was different - her hair growth and then overall sensitivity to AAS. She said she was shaving more often and her dose needed to be reduced as she noticed other sides pop up (could possibly be PCOS related due to her overall androgen overdrive). She wasn't extreme, ran var a million times at 20mg but when she was off her meds, she had to drop it to 10mg then work up to 15mg again and stayed there. For her at the time, 20mg seemed too much - shaving daily compared to every other day.

    Birth control seems to have the same affect on female AAS cycles. Not the hair growth part but the overall experience and results. Most women tend to be more "fluffy" compared to those not using BC during and after cycles.
  10. Millard Baker

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    Thanks for sharing these experiences. I'm trying to make sense of why this would be so.

    Not all steroid effects are mediated via the AR - the non-genomic AAS effects. Perhaps some of the synthetics often used by women offer this type of benefit.

    That's all I got.
  11. GearGodess

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    I was actually always wondering that but it's been consistent with all my girls that had the underlying issues and were on spironolactone. It probably has A LOT to do with the condition itself given the hormones are impaired and not functioning properly but at the same time increasing the androgenic (excess androgens) side of things then tamed by the drug.
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  12. chloeb

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    Thank you and really instructive ! I wanted to add spiro only to avoid extra facial hair, I don't have some that's why I wanted to prevent from it !

    I did subcu for my primo E during 6 weeks 50mg/E5D I spotted twice so didn't get any problem with it . But everybody told me that the products is less absorbed... I checked some review and blood test and it seems to be almost the same!
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  13. leggodess

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    This is all very interesting and educational . We are eachothers biggest support and coaches
  14. Silentlemon1011

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    Very interesting.

    I always thought it was just a BP medication that had a method of action involving potassium.

    Didnt really think twice about the AAS benefits.

    Apparently is also helpful for acne.

    @GearGodess , any experience with helping Men to use it?
    Any differences you can think of?

    Also, any gynocomastia or hard breast lumps?

    I've read that spironolactone can cause them.
  15. Millard Baker

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    A lot of men have used it -- MTF.
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  16. GearGodess

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    Many men have used it that I know of, mostly for the diuretic aspect of things during prep, but in high doses. That's all that my experience has been with it as that was our goal.

    I would imagine it would work very similarly and may slow the hair growth as well but you guys tend to be pretty wishy washy with being descriptive in your sides unless it involves your boners. Lol ...or itchy nipples, the rest goes out the window. I'll poke around my male clients and see if they remember anything else.

    Also, as Millard pointed out, it's one of the drugs also used in transitioning male to female.
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  17. Silentlemon1011

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    I'm not TOO concerned
    To be honest, I could use less hair lol.
    The beard is out of control, and after my current DHT Deriv heavy run, I could use a little femininity

    I'm not too big a fan of Diuretics, that's for sure.

    As far as I'll go is mega dosing potassium if I havnt dialed in my estrogen yet, really helps with the bloat and BP.

    That would be great, if any of your clients could give a solid perspective

    Thanks you two, appreciate it
  18. Millard Baker

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    To each his own. I don't know many male bodybuilders who intentionally seek to block their androgen receptors.

    Anabolic steroids are AR agonists. Spironolactone is an AR antagonist. It makes little sense for men.
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  19. Silentlemon1011

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    That's the answer k was looking for.

    Thanks Millard
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  20. GearGodess

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    Not when they're transitioning

    I had to.... hehehehe