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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Storm, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Storm

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    Is there any advice for obtaining support items like syringes? I have gotten some of my gear through TRT legit sources and some through UGLs, but at least 2 of the UGLs I would somewhat trust to by gear from do not sell syringes, hcg, or a good variety of AIs and/or pct. is there something that I don't know that guys are doing when buying from UGLs that don't sell these items along with their gear?
  2. FuriousWO

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    Gpz services Google them for pins
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  3. Ultimatepip

    Ultimatepip Member

    Or just Google, theirs a ton of places
  4. Dshep

    Dshep Member

    Allegro medical is a good 1
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  5. Manny

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    Needle exchanges. If you live in any sort of city there should be one.
  6. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner Junior Member

    I use this one as well
  7. Mr. Magnificent

    Mr. Magnificent Member Supporter

    Alldaychemist for meds
  8. Ozzy619

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    Never buy support ie hcg, ai or serms from a ugl. Ugls dont carry pins

    Gpz for pins

    Adc, reliablerx, pharmacist for everything else
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  9. UnknownPower84

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    Ebay, shows up in like 2 or 3 days.
  10. clydefrog

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    GPZ trusted for years
  11. Deisel26

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    Walmart for pins