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    Just to share a story, i was driving at NIGHT down a dark road early in the am. I noticed a yellow orb behind me, like a dim streetlight, but there were no streetlights on this dim road. I had just left a friends house. My speed was about 40 mph. This has NOT been the first time. About 1/4 mile behind me i could see in some areas of moonlight a shadow of a blacked out car. This was not paranoi. These drones have capability to lock on and follow vehicles. Flir, microphones. Cell phone intercept reading everything on your phone, even facial recognition
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    A black, self-driving police car?
    That's so 80s

    Knight Rider - Wikipedia
    KITT - Wikipedia
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    I think it's just something we will all have to get used to. Won't be long and tracking devices in new vehicles will be mandatory for manufacturers. It's not just about spy shit, its also about insurance shit and urban planning of road infrastructure etc.

    Self driving cars will probs be standard in our lifetime, if course they will be tracked and telemetry data eg speed, location etc logged.
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    And if your use of PEDs is limited to personal pursuits, to believe the GOV is going to spend thousandss keeping a drone in the air for you, I'd suggest you DC the tren or lower your combined Cycle dose ASAP fella.

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    No this had nothing to do with AAS. It was in a conservation area in the woods with a severe poaching problem. The old farmhouse where some i know party is sometimes a meeting spot for some motircycle buds. Its bikeweek here. I know they are not looking for me, i just feel violated because this type of surveillance is unconstitutional.
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    How do you know they are violating a right to privacy if you don’t know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

    It’s important to remember in many instances the public’s right
    to live wo security threats from abroad or otherwise, often superceeds an individual’s right to privacy.

    It’s a slippery slope no doubt and one that mandates an appropriate level of checks and balances.

    In this status post 9-11 era, gone are the days where we all do are own thing, wo understaning our actions can influence or impact the lives of others.

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    Just lol if anyone thinks they have the right to absolute privacy in this era. The number of new surveillance agencies and billions of dollars to fund them and their technological infrastructure post 9-11....your life is not your own, get used to it.
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    Op get off the tren and halo and go get your lithium levels checked.
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    Most of you have no idea how much goes on behind your backs. Hell, the Snowden leaks are for stuff that is over a decade old now. Tech evolves very fast