Sus 250 and Dbol cycle questions?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by hopuit, Jun 16, 2004.

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    hopuit Junior Member

    Hey I have my dbol and my Sus 250 ready to go.. I'm just trying to decide if I should take my dbol at 20mgs ed for how many weeks? and I'm planning on taking Sus 250mg every week, for about 15 weeks.. I'm a 6' 173pds with 6.6% bodyfat.. Give me an Idea guys.. This is my third cycle... I have never tried sus 250 and I havn't taken Dbol for over half a year..

    Thanks bros...
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    wolfman Junior Member

    Well, to answer your question on when to incorporate the dbol I'd kick the first 4-6 wks. off with 30mgs ed. The longer esters in the sust should have "kicked in" at the time you're discontinuing the dbol. But bro, 173 @ 6.6% BF is only like 161 lbs. LBM. Not very much IMO for this being your third cycle. Seems like you need to do a little more research...Good Luck

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    skyking Junior Member

    Just my thought

    Just my thought bro i would up your dose if this is your 3rd cycle maybe 250mg eod, with 30-40mg of d -bol weeks 1-5 later...Skyking im sure the other bros will recoomend upping the dose......
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    hopuit Junior Member

    To answer that last comment, I did my last cycle starting at 6' 156pds and went to 180pds but lost the water retention and now I'm at a steady 173pds which I thank the last cycle worked great.. That gave me 17pds quality gains.. Tell me I was doing something wrong? I don't think so, I used 20mgs Dbol ed and 300mgs of Deca every week... Now I want to try Sus 250 with Dbol and was just wondering what you guys recommended.. And yes I know I do not have that much body mass yet for my height but I'm slowly working on it.. That is why I'm not doing as big as doses as some of you do.. And my body fat is low.. Thanks bros..
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    hopuit Junior Member

    my last reply was just a reply to Wolfmans comment and I'm trying not to be rude or anything.. I love this website and glad you guys do help when asked..
    So thanks again bros...
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    viking69 Junior Member

    Hey bro,

    You got enough to work with here. Try this:

    - d-bol @ 20 mg. per day for 5 weeks.

    - Sust. 250 @ 500 mg. a week for 5 weeks and 250 mg. after that for a total of 10 weeks of injections.

    You'll really like the results.
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    marineone Junior Member

    You need to eat some more.
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    hopuit Junior Member

    Well these are all great ideas guys. Let me throw something else in the mix..
    I do have 3ml of 300mg deca.. Should I use this with my sus and dbol or just leave it out?
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    wolfman Junior Member

    Nah I wasn't trying to insult you either, I was just making a comment. I do think that at your size you could probably make some pretty good gains w/out AAS. Without knowing your age,body type, and lifting history it's hard to say, but I'd guess that you're still pretty far under your genetic potential. But since you plan on doing a cycle, do it right and up the sust to 500mg/wk for 12 weeks and run the dbol @30mgs ed for the first 4-6 wks.

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    hopuit Junior Member

    To answer wolfmans question, I'm 29 yrs old I've been lifting off and on for about 7yrs but I've really stuck with it for the last year. So I would say I've been lifting regularly for one year 4-5 days a week one hour a day. Also hey Wolfman I don't have that much sus in stock I only have 15 amps of 250mg sus. and I have 250dbol 5mg tabs.. I also have some test e and some deca but I'm not going to use them.. Thanks bro
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    jayce Junior Member

    Some advice bro. Build your cycle then buy what you need. By no means should you just make do with some gear you have around. You're just cheating yourself. Save up for a little bit and buy what you need for your cycle. No hurry. At your specs you can still make some decent gains without AAS so take your time and do it right.


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