Suspending Oral Raws

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  1. Carros

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    I have no access to OraPlus/OraBlend, Humco Flavor Blend or even Everclear 190/Proof Grain Alcohol to make solutions. I'm EU based. If I'd have access to OraPlus I'd just use it, but that's not my case.

    I think that a possible alternative would be to make simple syrup, which is basically water and sugar and make the solution with it.

    This would be the procedure:
    1) Distil the water.
    2) Make the syrup. (Sugar/water 2:1 boiling water and sugar) And let it cool.
    3) Add Vodka 40%. (To help to preserve it longer)
    4) Sterilize the glass bottles where the suspensions will be at by putting them in boiling water.
    5) Put the syrup on the glass bottles.
    6) Grind the RAW powder.
    7) Put the RAW powder in the syrup.
    8) Shake the bottle before each dosage.

    Am I missing anything?

    The RAWs I'm planning on suspending are: Anavar, Proviron, cialis, clomid, nolvadex and aromasin. Any suggestions on the concentrations or concentrations just matter on solutions?

    Thank you.
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  2. Carros

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  3. Cashton

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    I don’t know why you can’t order 100% ethanol, than seems unlikely my friend.
  4. Boss hog

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    I just looked up Amazon UK and they sell humco to use.
  5. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Can you get Polyethylene Glycol (PEG 300 or PEG 600)?
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  6. Villain

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    You most certainly my can make a simple syrup consisting of corn syrup and a flavoring. As far as dropping the powder in and shaking it, it may not be that easy as certain fine powders will clump up and not mix well.
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  7. GearGodess

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    Corn syrup is another way of suspending orals and cheap. But high sugar content so watch that if you're limiting your sugar intake.
    Honestly, you'd be better off signing up and ordering ORA from Amazon from another country as long as they ship internationally, you're good to go.
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  8. Carros

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    Isn't just dropping the powder what's done with OraPlus?
    What would be a better alternative?
  9. Villain

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    From my experience, certain raws don’t instantly fall into suspension, so I use a stir stick or even my magnetic stir plate with the heat turned off. viagra for instance likes to clump because it’s a super fine powder, whereas Var is gritty even after grinding it and is easier to get into suspension.
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  10. Konrev

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    PEG can just be bought at any pharmacy here (Germany) so that could work
  11. Carros

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    I can buy PEG400. The uses of PEG on orals that I have seen included 190 Proof Alcohol, how would I use just PEG? As if it was OraPlus?
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  12. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Best way to do it is to make a slurry. Put the raws in a beaker and slowly add your vodka while stirring. You might get a little clumping but it’ll be easier to work with.

    Once it’s incorporated, then slowly add the PEG400 and flavoring while stirring.

    Always add liquid to powder. If you add powder on top of a lot of liquid you’ll get clumps.
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  13. Mayne

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    I make my orals in 50/50 ethanol 95% and glycerine and have had many people check and run Anavar, methasterone, winstrol and mk-677 made in above. An old member here on meso gave me advice on it long ago and I have been making years of orals that way. I just pour 10 ml of ethanol in my vial, add raw powder chosen and pour everything remaining mix and heat if needed. I only make 20mg/ml concentration if that would help you anyway.
  14. Dthcore

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    Is the 20mg concentration due to preference or another reason?
  15. Mayne

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    I have had turinabol not break down at 30mg/ml and long ago I read maximum concentration for each raw powder and majority were approximately 20mg/ml going by memory
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  16. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    A suspension is different than a solution though.
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  17. Mayne

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    I mean it literally remained chunky
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  18. Dthcore

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    that’s how I like them ;)
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  19. Zebedee

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    Without checking, it'll almost certainly be a listing from a US based 3rd party seller, not Amazon UK or a UK based 3rd party seller. I've never seen suspension vehicles for retail sale in the UK & I've searched.

    Our vastly differrent healthcare model here in the UK compared to the US means there's pretty much no market whatsoever for suspension vehicles to be sold retail, bar the odd AAS homebrewer & people outside the scene won't be even aware that that market exists. Whether that's the same for other EU countries, I don't know, but I've only seen it being sold retail in the US when I've looked.

    OP - you can buy 190 Proof alcohol online from UK sellers. Just google "190 proof alcohol UK".

    Regarding BBBG's sugestion, you could use DMSO in place of alcohol, along with PEG, if you wanted. You'll need to google specific compounds solubility in DMSO.

    This applies to suspension vehicles like Ora as well. If "Just add to Ora & shake bro" worked well, compounding pharmacists would do it that way as it would save them a lot of hassle - they don't.

    As above: tbh pretty much everyone on forums discussing making suspensions isn't doing it properly. Only person I've ever seen doing it right is Symbiotics: if you look at the pics in his intro, you can clearly see a suspension bing mixed in a pestle & mortar.

    Like this:

    I would also suggest researching the doseage stability of whatever you want to suspend.

    Spoiler - there's practically fuck all research on AAS stability in suspensions. Off the top of my head, only var has been researched. The others might be ok, they might not - no one really knows & anything else is just a guess & as far as forum info goes, probably an uneducated guess tbh. Some meds degrade to the point of being practically useless just 2-3 days after suspending. Chances are other oral AAS have similiar sability to var, but again that's an uneducated guess.

    As for ancilleries, the doseage stability of most have been studied, but never for longer than 3 months after the date of compounding, because there's no point as no one prescribes suspensions for longer than that, it's usually far less. I would keep that in mind when you're deciding how big of a batch to make up mate.

    Tbh when you take all the above into account - blending takes almost as long as powders when done properly & then the unknown doseage stability & shelf life, personally I think suspensions are grossly overrated on forums compared to capsiles. That's just my opinion anyway, FWIW.
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