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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by GetCrunk, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. GetCrunk

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    can you inject suspension into your glutes or is it site injection only???also whats good to mix on a suspension cycle??
  2. THL

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    Glute will work fine. You will want to inject every day so you will need at least 4 injection sites.

    What goes good with suspension? If you're doing a traditonal 8-10 week cycle, anything that goes good with any test will work just as good with suspension. If you are doing short cylces (2 weeks on 2-4 off), you will need orals like dbol and other fast acting injectables such as tren acetate.

    If this is your 1st cycle, I would suggest something other than suspension. Every day injections can be a pain in the ass and isn't really something most guys would recomend for 1st time users. Cyp/enanth/sust would be better suited for your 1st go around.
  3. Massive690

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    i dont understand why anyone would ever want to use suspension
  4. GetCrunk

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    well its not my first time using gear the reason im asking is its my first time using suspension and i have a 10cc bottle sitting here...i was jus thinking bout using it as a pre-loader before my 10 week test/dbal/and deca cycle ad then i got a 8 week cutting cycle with fina/winni/and test prop
  5. jshrub

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    Most hormone mg for mg than any other test do to the fact there is no ester. Every other test, say 100mg prop is 100mg of test prop, meaning 100mg of test with the added weight of the ester, so its less than 100mg of test. fast acting as well and great for frontloading as opposed to something like Dbol.

    Ive used some great TNE (test no ester) from a canadian lab Illusion Labs, BEST TNE around. PERIOD. You can shoot this stuff with a slin pin, no clogging. Works great for rotating spot injections for ED use.
  6. road warrior

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    I agree with THL & Massive690, use cyp or something similiar. Suspension it a hassle.
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