Sust 250 - cycle length questions and concerns

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by meateater, Feb 25, 2009.

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    meateater Junior Member

    i recently finished a 12 week cycle of sust 250 at 500 per week and Deca in which I made nice lean muscle gains and strenght increases. I am looking for some advice on possible cycle lenghts while on sust from anyone with experience with the product. I have gotten so many conflicting reports stating some people are on year round, some 12 weeks, some 20 weeks, etc. I have enough supply to last another 12 weeks and I am still making steady gains. I have all of the necessary prodcut to begin my pct if necessary and I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction.

    My issue is that I have a number of personal events and vacations towards the end of May and was hoping to look and feel my best at that time, hopefully just finishing my cycle, however due to my own poor planning I began too early and am trying to find outif extending the sust 250 for another 12 weeks at 500 per week coupled with winny for the last month is a terrible idea. I am looking for advice concerning the possible increased health risks related to the extension of this cycle.

    My major questions would be:

    Does increasing to 24 weeks dramatically increase side effects and or health issues?
    Does the increase pose a serious threat to shut down natural test prod?
    If it does shut it down, will proper pct both duing and post bring it back?
    Is it recommended to do for only 12 weeks due mainly to peoplen ot seeing effects after that so why bother wasting product?

    Any adice is greatly appreciated as I am trying to decide whether to go into my PCT or if in fact the extension of another 12 weeks is a possibility that is worth it?

    Thank you - M
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    bigbench Member

    The only time I would recomend being on for half a year would be if you HAD to for a contest. If it is just to look good, then no way you need to be on for that long. Yes it increase your risks, comlpications, chances of getting your own hormone production back to normal become lower... and if all that is not enough to make you stay away, then you will make LESS gains running it longer than you would if you came off, did a proper pct and started another cycle later on. You could come off, get back to normal, and then start a short ester cycle before your trip to look better and continue on with it and make the same amount of gains you made on this one. If you didnt come off, you would prob just gain another 5 lbs or so (10 max)
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    elgaringo Junior Member

    EXACTLY!!!!!!! end of thread
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    MrSen08 Junior Member

    If you must then like BigBench said go off and hit pct hard maybe clomid and hcg. Then at the last week of april do prop 75mg eod and winnie 50mg or anavar 60mg ed for 6 weeks and throw in some eca or clen. That should not be a big hit to your HTPA and should allow you to lean up some if you have you diet intact. Then hit the PCT hard again. But personally I would just take off and let my diet give me the results I wanted before may.

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