Sust as a substitute in test- mast cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Storm, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Storm

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    On my 4th week of a 12 week test - mast cycle

    300 mg Test E and 300 mg Mast E Monday's and Thursday's
    I have AIs on hand but haven't had a need yet. I think the mast is keeping E in check.
    Also using hcg .5 tuesdays and Friday's
    I have clomid and HCG for pct

    47 years old, 4 years experience with AASs
    172lb, 5'7". BF 14%
    Training 5-6 days per week

    I substituted Sust 300 for my Test E on my Monday pin. I've never used Sust before, but I researched and thought the combo of the 4 types of Test would give things a booost since I'm running 2 AASs with long esters. I was planning to use Sust on Monday's and Test E Thursday's.

    However, I Definitely felt much more intense effects Wednesday and Thursday than normal regarding mood, agreession etc. might be good, might be bad. I probably should have checked my BP.

    I rarely see threads on Sust cycles here and was hoping for some feedback from experienced Sust users or opinions on my "substitution" choice .
  2. Dr JIM

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    Although Mast does not aromatize its influence of E-2 is
    next to none.

    Sustanon is Test yet it's formulation using different esters does not significantly alter TT levels.
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  3. Savagesteve

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    Test is test bro. Really just comes down to a matter of preference.
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  4. Erin

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    If you're planning to cycle off and PCT, the long esters in Sust are detrimental to quick endogenous testosterone recovery.

    Stick with the testE if at all possible.
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  5. Cutter

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    Stick with the test want to b as stable in blood levels as possible so the mast e is long estered so should your test....sust has long and short esters, and although not a lot, it's enough to promote estro spikes, just not worth it imo.... stick with matching esters, it's a much smoother cycle
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  6. Big_paul

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    Most times I don't think someone would notice much difference, but sust has esters that release faster that test e.

    The idea behind sust it to deliver a steady doseage over a couple weeks.

    I never use it. If I want to run trt I use test u. If I'm running a blast I use test e. Before I went on replacement and ran cycles I would finish with test prop so I could start pct a week after my last pin.

    I see no advantage to sust for any reason.
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  7. Storm

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    Thanks all.