Sustanon 250 when should I feel it kick in?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by carlosvaquez2001, Aug 16, 2006.

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    I'm taking sus250 twice a week so about 500mg a week when should I fell the effects.?
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    MaxRep Member

    Considering the short ester tests within Sust, you should feel it's effects after about 10-15 days. Your workouts, diet and experience will also impact this.

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    dennis Member

    sust 250 was the 1st aas I 30 years of age and had been lifting weights 4 years prior..I felt my libido sky rocket after the first 24 hours ..honestly.I felt better in the gym within a few days after that say day 4..might have been mental but I was feeling like I could lift heavier than normal..then I went through a lull period where my head was telling me "this stuff is not working"I began to wonder if it was legit..I saw no gain on scale or nothing in the mirror..but on day 14 after 1st injection my arms started swelling up in the gym like hulk's! I could watch myself grow from that point on....and that was on 250 mgs per will be much more pleased with 500mgs ew...are you splitting the 2 shots up each week say mon and thurs or are you doing it all the same day ? I would suggest the 2 times per week..good luck..oh yea something else..that sust stays in your system a long time after your last injection..I swear after 12 week cycle was over I went on vacation and that stuff was still working wonders for me..I was still growing not even lifting weights for the next 2 weeks..I think it was still working 30 past my last injection..good luck hope this helps..d
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    my fucking arms feel pumped already this is like the 10th day. This is some good shit I should have used this sooner. I will never ever leave you Sus! (lol)
    this is what I was looking for. I should have skipped all the eq and winny bullshit.
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    daphne Junior Member

    I have a 300 mg Sust and am on day 6 post first injection and feel nada, fatigued in fact. prior to this I used CYp or Enanthate and felt great, so i was thinking of using 200 mg CYP once per week or the Enanthate and a few days later using the Sust - what are your thoughts?
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    elgaringo Junior Member

    My personal experiense on Sust was mental sides for the first few weeks then for the rest of the cycle my body must have got used to it and I felt a great sense of well being. I felt emotionally invincible. Its a shame that cant be said of pct:(
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    unt0ld Junior Member

    Abstract: Sustanon And It’s Use
    By OuchThatHurts

    Sustanon. Every BBer in the world knows the name. Every “noob” has to try it. But is it a good choice for BBers? Not really. Unless you know what you’re doing and even then you would likely have better and more stable results with less expensive and easier to maintain compounds. Let’s take a look at Sustanon.

    Sustanon was originally designed and formulated by Organon as a timed-release compound used for androgen replacement for hypogonadic males, HRT, and all the other uses where androgens are indicated. The difference being that Sustanon (sustained release) was designed to be administered once per month. By combining multiple esters in such a way, starting with shorter chain molecules (propionate) and progressing to longer ones (decanoate), you can design a formula that takes effect almost immediately and releases it’s payload (testosterone) over a length of time.

    So let’s look at the esters in Sustanon. Would anyone consider stacking two forms of esterified test in a single cycle? For example, would you combine propionate and enanthate? If so, how would you do it? Would you take 30mg or propionate every other day or twice a week along with 100mg of enanthate at the same time? Of course not! Well not only are you doing that with sust, but with FOUR esters, not just two. Testosterone is testosterone whether your body cleaves it from a short molecule or a long molecule. Many people still think that these different esters of the same organic compound are somehow different or “synergistic”. That’s almost like saying the caffeine in coffee is different than the caffeine in Pepsi. And if you stack coffee and Pepsi you’ll have a more pronounced effect or synergistic effect. There IS a difference but in only one regard and that is that you will get MORE raw test mg/mg with shorter esters than longer ones. The reason for this is simple. The larger the molecule, the more carbons are added which increases the total weight of the molecule. In short, more of the molecule’s weight is taken up by carbon and not testosterone. The additional carbon and occasionally oxygen atoms also increase the compound’s solubility and half-life but that is beyond this article. So what esters are we dealing with in Sustanon?

    propionate 30mg (2 days)
    phenylpropionate 30mg (4 days)
    isocaproate 60mg (9 days)
    decanoate 100mg (15 days)

    In parenthesis, you see their approximate half lives. It is no coincidence that each ester is roughly twice the quantity of the one before it nor is it coincidental that each half life is approx. double the length of the one before it. Still beyond this article. Moving on…

    I decided to experiment with Sustanon after receiving a fairly large quantity. Even though I had plenty, I was still thinking greedily and wanted to get the most out of my testosterone dollar. I started with the twice-a-week approach. A month later, I had no gains, a bad flu, and had used almost 20 amps (1ml) at 250mg/ml. I wanted to know what had gone wrong. It didn’t take long to figure out. During the first week, all that had taken effect was the prop and phenylprop. And 120mg total (out of 500mg) is all that my system saw. That’s about enough to suppress the axis but that’s it. Throw two amps in the trash. The second week, probably not much different and had used 4 amps (1000mg). By the third week I had the flu. Not exactly a surprise with all the HPTA suppression and unstable test levels. Most people have heard of the “sust flu”? Well, there you go. I was beginning to plan a pct regimen when it dawned on me… I’m not getting enough STABLE, high levels of testosterone! So not long after that I moved everything to the all to common every-other-day (EOD) approach. Don’t get me wrong, I started noticing results but then again, who wouldn’t? This is a shotgun approach! If you had propionate and enanthate would you just keep dosing until something worked? No. You wouldn’t. The idea there is to just keep shooting the stuff and “one of them esters” will eventually work. Personally, I don’t like this approach. I think we can do much better. After all, don’t we owe it to Organon to abuse their product properly? SO… how well did it work? I’d have 3 good days, followed by 3 bad days. I was emotional. I wanted to sleep all the time. I had a runny nose. Two different blood tests during this time proved that I had almost twice the free test in my system as the blood test a week later. By this point, my great buy was turning into a great waste. I took 2 months off, did a fairly aggressive PCT and started planning my next cycle.

    Here is where it seemed to all come together. I decided to try taking Sustanon as Organon intended, but in BBer amounts. This meant using it less frequently but using larger doses. Using it as a SUSTained-release product. Again, being greedy like I am, I didn’t want to waste the propionate in the Sust so I scheduled the entire cycle dosage amounts based on what I would take if I was doing a propionate-only cycle. This meant 4 amps or 1000mgs. That gave me a starting dose of 120mg propionate (30mg x 4) and instead of taking the next dose of propionate, I knew I could just relax knowing that as the propionate fell off, the phenylpropionate would begin and as the phenylpropionate fell off, the isocaproate would begin, etc, etc. This worked phenomenal and I began the cycle figuring on every two weeks (one decanoate half life). In reality, I played with this until I found a sweet spot of 8 days (approx. half of a half life). This gave me testosterone levels that remained stable throughout the cycle and at levels that were good for the results I wanted. You may need to adjust this time period to suit your physiology.

    Conclusion: If I were to ever use Sustanon in a cycle again, which I doubt since there are less expensive, more stable compounds available, I would use it as intended in BBer amounts. I would do 1000-1500mg once every 8 days. This would allow for it to take immediate effect and with a few additional amps of propionate, you could use it with predictable stability right up until a few days before starting PCT. This dosing regimen, in my opinion, combined with equipoise or nandrolone would be a very productive cycle. Given the choice, I would still stick with enanthate. The injections are usually painless, the stability is high, the half life is fairly long. If you don’t mind EOD injects then prop or phenylprop would also be better choices than Sustanon in my opinion. Especially phenylprop. You would likely have to compound this yourself though as I haven’t seen this ester alone very often except in the case of nandrolone phenylprop (fast-acting deca).
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    daphne Junior Member

    thanks, I am going to give it 3 weeks before I decide to switch back to enanthate
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    elgaringo Junior Member

    Very good in depth informative post right there untOld. If I could give you good karma I would;)
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    MaxRep Member

    Although I could do it, I don't have time to counter-point virtually every single point this guy makes.

    Suffice it to say his points are often factually wrong.

    He says he used 20 amps in the first month... but then says he was only using 500mg/week, equal to 2 amps/week??? So his numbers don't make sense and while I could go on and on about this idiot, I'll simply say that anyone who's taking even 500mg/week of sust but sees no gains whatsoever during the first month clearly has no concept of proper diet while on a cycle.

    The reality based on my personal experiences and the experiences of dozens of people I've known first hand over the years who have used sustanon, is that sustanon is a very good product. It acts very similarily to a single ester test in real world results exept that.... unlike what the writer above reports, most people report gains very quickly. More quickly than taking the same amount of Test Cypionate, for example.

    Best regards,
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    van-man Junior Member

    the problem I had with it was how long it took to leave my system. As made clear by all of the above posts. I was doing the organon readyjects at 500mg per week and it took a month after my last injection before the circulating levels fell to non suppressive amounts. That made for a very lengthy pct.
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    Flyboy Junior Member

    I was thinking the same thing while reading that crap. Sust is good stuff. Something was definitely wrong with this guy's diet...or maybe he had fake gear.
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    forbodybuilders MESO-Rx Sponsor

    if you got real one then you cna see results real fats,becouse of testo propionate in mixx of sustanon!
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    unt0ld Junior Member

    I miss overgrow K+
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    indoroids Junior Member

    all replies here really motivate me to use sustanon
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    Voltrader Member

    Well at least you learned on how to use the search function. That puts you ahead of the curve around here:)
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    xupc Member

    I am now on sust 250 e3d (pharma grade). I felt it week 2-3 with slight strength increases, random boners, increased libido and clear head (I used to be really foggy). Thats it. No insane focus no nothing. I think most of the other effects that people report is just the placebo effect and bro-forum-talk.
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    whodatnation Member

    I don't agree with the above post with sust with one injection every eight days. What I do believe is that the effects of Sust can be maximized by actual splitting the injections into every other day amounts thus always keeping your levels of pro and phenyl pro steady. To me that would be more synergistic
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    MR10X Member

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    MR10X Member

    A month sounds about right,the only way to to start PCT sooner would be to use all fast release compounds.

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