sustanon (wasting esters)

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  1. JohnLong

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    if i'm not running sustanon high, am i basically wasting the short esters?

    ex: my cycle i just started
    prop- 90mg
    phyn- 180mg
    iso- 180mg
    deca- 300mg

    im assuming prop is useless?
    phyn will take a long ass time to build up?
    and iso + deca are the backbone of the cycle?

    this stuff is frustrating lol & leading me to just buy single ester next time.
  2. Iron Vett

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    To this day the best test only cycle I've run was 750 test e and 250 sustanon both pinned twice a week. I knew I wasn't using the sustanon "correctly" but a buddy had given me the bottle of sustanon and I was just throwing it in with my test e. The long esters from both tests kept steady base levels and the short esters were all over the place. Those fluctuations must have been what made the cycle seem so great. I'm thinking about repeating that cycle this fall. It was all the way back in 2000 when I ran this the first time.
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  3. Bigxj

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    I’ve always ran sus 250 every other day. I love it
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  4. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    thanks for the replies

    if the 90mg of prop a week is not enough to gain anything am i really just using 660mg/week?
  5. jm416

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    It depends on how often you're pinning. If you're using the sust eod then the 90 mg prop isn't going to waist.
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  6. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    yes eod is how i pin
  7. DonQKong

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    The thing i find with sust is that if its confusing AF if you take the scientifically approach and look at compound blood levels and half time spread over the various esters spread over time.

    Pin it though and it works magic. I did low test e and high sust last time and blow up hulk stylee

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  8. DonQKong

    DonQKong Member

    Like I said, this is me blowing da fuck up on sust

  9. fodsod

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    Just dose it 1cc three times a week and you'll reap the benefits of all of it. Sust is awesome both in the off season and in early prep.

    Quit worrying about what each ester is going to do or not do. Just dose it in a way that allows you to utilize the drug in the most effective manner (EOD or daily for sust) and see what happens. It's built with that overlap for a reason and your response might just surprise you (or not).
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  10. jacked44

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    I agree with the above: 1 cc/sust/eod works really well.
  11. stone988

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    Ive run sust 750 a week and 500 a week no difference!!! IMO and experience pinning too often will only lead to using too much gear. Unless its ace, prop or suspension, you only need to pin once or twice a week. After a few weeks its built up anyhow will make little if any difference.
  12. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    You do realize sust has prop in it right? Per your own post, “ace, prop or suspension” require more than twice a week.

    So with your dosing protocol the prop is basically wasted just like the op was suggesting. Not exactly optimal with regards to sustenon’s chemical design but maybe that works for you.

    As far as using too much gear, 750 mgs is 750 mgs. It doesn’t matter if you split it between 7 shots or 2. It’s still only 750 mgs a week. Unless you’re implying the op doesn’t have the ability to accurately read a syringe.
  13. stone988

    stone988 Member

    You missed my point, yea I know all about sust, actually used the original product that came in a pre loaded syringe 25 years ago. Wasted? what are you talking about? please explain how injecting any ester test is wasted? Anyone can make gains injecting sust once a week, twice a week and 3. Doesnt matter! Give it a try and see, you wont know the difference and some piece of paper wont change it either. Sust is a blend, you do know that right? So the prop and the other esters all spike at different times, why would anyone compare it to a single ester or no ester shot? As far as jamming yourself with a shot multiple times a week, been there done that, tried every protocol with every ester you can think of and it makes no difference with sust, ent or cyp. For me I tend to end up using more total MG per week when I pin say more then twice a week, it happens, for example plan using 500mg sust 3 times a week and say fuck it and do the whole Ml or shit its in an amp so its easier to do the entire ml. Just sharing my experience with sust and all this crazy pinning protocol that for the most part is unnecessary unless you are banging Grams of gear
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  14. fodsod

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    Ok, Ok. I must give some latitude because I too used the pre-loaded, foil backed, glass syringe with the 18 gauge needle of sust way back when.

    Those were some 100% meant for animals syringes. I must have a ton of scar tissue from those. Those were the days. We never even considered transferring the sust to another syringe because that was an unnecessary cost. Lol. Kids are dumb.

    Of course, your way has merit for you (obviously based on your experience and preference to take fewer injections weekly) and many average users also as they won’t see much difference using sust in a way that isn’t “optimal” based on its components because there are so many other things they do wrong (training, diet) so the results would appear the same regardless of how they run it.

    I’ve experienced the same thing myself with Anadrol for example. It doesn’t matter when I take it. Pre-workout or any other time of the day. I look and feel the same and my overall results are the same also. There appears to be no optimal time for me to take it as long as it’s daily.

    There’s an entire discussion that could be had on the subject of blood saturation, using AAS in an optimal dosing protocol based on drug design and esters and the opinions related to what matters and what doesn’t. But honestly, who cares? We all just do whatever suits us or whatever we’ve convinced ourselves is best.

    It’s probably best to just state for everyone to do their own research and that it’s always a matter of preference and personal choice. All one can do it try a protocol and see what happens. I always tell people, “You are your own guinea pig”. So give it a try and see what happens.
  15. stone988

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    OMG those needles were like tooth pics. Often I would re load them in other gauged syringes. For me training and gear is the easy part, its the fucking diet and constant eating of the right foods day after day, week after week. The meal planning ect. We tend to worry more about what we take, when we take it, and how much, when we ignore basic diet requirements. I have gotten far better gains with less gear when my diet was on point consistently. Sure anyone can carry around their D bol and pop it every few hours, but are they eating or carrying around their food too? But yes everyone is different and defiantly needs to experiment safely and see.
  16. i was gonna make a snide comment, but the kid looks as if he suffers from a wasting disease. So i'll refrain from doing so.
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  17. fodsod

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    Agree 100%. Gear is the last part of the equation. The diet and the training have got to be in place first to really effectively utilize the PEDS. Way too much over use to try and make up for a lack of effort in both areas.

    I personally think that’s the line between use and abuse. If you’re reliant on PEDS to maintain your physique and take more and more to off set your lack of ability to maintain the eating and training then your abusing it IMO.

    I know several guys like that. Bodybuilders and powerlifters both. All of them have become lazy with the diet and training. They just compensate by using more and more stuff. But it catches up to you eventually.

    I’ve always tried to use as little as possible to get me where I wanted. The PEDS are required to achieve certain levels of results but if your diet, training and cycle protocol are locked in you won’t need as much.
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  18. wedorecover

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    Im running 300mg mwf so 900 mg a week along with 594 mg of npp and growing by the day