Sweaty Balls on HCG

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tusoa, Jul 4, 2018.

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    OK, I know this could open up a boatload of jokes. But this is a serious question. I'm on trt and started adding hcg a couple of months ago. What I've noticed consistently is that 12 hours +/- after an HCG injection, my scrotum turns pink and is sweaty. I mean sweaty as if I was just finishing a 3-mile jog. I've tested the timing and it is definitely the HCG. After a few days the pinkness and sweat goes away. Until I do my next hcg shot, then it comes right back. I even ran out of HCG for 3 weeks and did not have this issue a single time until I got my new shipment. Is this anything anyone has ever heard?

    49 yo, 6"1", 210lb, fit, 670 total testosterone, E2=27. 200mg/week test cyp, 500iu HCG 2-3 times a week.
  2. Evom1

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    That's a substantial hcg dose for trt. Standard is 250iu 2x per week
  3. tusoa

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    Really? I think that dose is pretty standard. I've seen most members on here recommend anywhere from 500 to 1500 a week as the most common dosage.
  4. Gbro

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    Get your girl to lick them clean.
  5. Evom1

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    Interesting I think the highest I've seen ON CYCLE is 500 2x per week

    Most who are on actual trt are 250 2x per week. Is this doctor prescribed trt? Also, what is your reasoning for taking hcg @49?
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    250 IU's 2x/wk is the most I use on cycle.

    But, I noticed weird sides from different sources... PPL's hcg gave me strong estrogen sides, itchy nips and horny as hell. Actually used aromasin at each inject to keep the estro sides minimized.

    Switched to Reliable RX's Pregnyl 5000 and different sides, no itchy nips, but elevated BP for sure. didn't happen with PPL's HCG.

    Another side note was that PPL's HCG was vacuum sealed, you know it when you go to recon it and it sucks the BAC water in... Reliable RX's isn't vacuum sealed, gotta vent the vial after 200 IU's of BAC water...

    I hate to say this, but HCG is pregnant woman piss refined into a hormone. As racist as this sounds, could there be a difference in production country origin? I've seen so many people comment about side effects from HCG that I seriously wonder why there's so many different sides that don't effect everyone the same.
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    This just made me giggle...we need some hard core research on this...maybe if we find the most genetically freaky race of females we could produce some high quality HCG??
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    I have never heard of pink sweaty balls'
    and I hope I never hear of it again, it leaves a really gross pic in my mind.
  9. Btcowboy

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    My script is 1000iu 2x a week. Plus Ralox 60mg ed.

    To OP no I do not get pink sweaty balls.
  10. Gbro

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    Are yours salty and chocolate colored?

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    My nuts are darker... but always sweaty.
  12. tusoa

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    To answer Evom1, I'm not taking hcg for fertility issues. However I wanted to maintain the size and look of my testicles, and also enjoy the increased volume of ejaculate. It does make sex more enjoyable. And since I'm on trt, not just a cycle, I need to use HCG regularly since the boys won't catch a break from external testosterone and zero natural production of LH
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    Is trt and hcg Dr prescribed?
  14. tusoa

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    Yes and no. The trt is prescribed by my urologist. However he says he has limited experience with hcg because most patients Insurance do not cover it when used as trt. And he would have to falsify the prescription by saying it was for female fertility issues. So i buy that elsewhere. However he says he understands the value of it and will continue to research it, and allows us to use it as long as we keep him informed.
  15. Seriously, no matter what, if anyone say to you “pics or it didn’t happen”, don’t listen to them!
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    Thread is worthless without pics
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    Oh God.......no pics please no pics. Lol
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    I've only had pharm hcg and experience no of these symptoms. That includes dose up to 1500iu weekly. Does make me concern when I start injecting pregnant indian piss instead of american piss in my body.
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  19. Yeah. American piss. Top shelf of course.
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    Maybe arab from turkish pharm be better o_O