Swiss Ball Chest Dumbell Presses

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    I want to start off by saying that a swiss ball is a valuable workout tool that can be integrated into a DOGGCRAPP style workout on certain exercises but moreover it is an excellent device that allows me (and many others in the same boat) to train around injuries and do so still in a heavy fashion.
    Below I will outline some of the things that I do or can be done.
    Also I reccomend using the duraball (the one that Paul Chek makes) as they have a 1000lb anti-burst rating and an absolute limit of 2,500 lbs as they are maybe $15 more than other,less sturdy models of balls.

    -Chest (most everyone will need a 65cm ball)
    Dumbell Presses: I put two 25lb plates to the side and a 2 1/2 lb'er in front to keep the ball from rolling out of place or moving when you are sitting on the ball.
    This will allow people with shoulder impingement and other problems to do chest dumbell presses in relative comfort-mainly due to the fact that your scapulae are not pinned down as would be in a barbell movement.
    How to do: Sit down with the dumbells on your thighs and (with elbows tucked against the body) clean the DB's to chest level and begin pressing.
    The nice thing is you can emphasize the a certain movement (Incline,flat,decline) by your body position.
    Decline Presses: There is NO BETTER way to do declines than on a swiss ball.It is a bit of a challenge though as you will need a few things:
    -A larger ball (75cm for most of us or a 65cm for female) than usual.
    -A spotter
    -Something to hook your feet under

    If you can do this then you will feel the shoulder discomfort go away and the triceps not feel like they are doing all of the work as well as having your spine in nearly perfect anatomical position (arched) while you are doing the movement.
    You can also change the angle by the your posture.
    One thing anecdotally I have noticed since I have done all of my chest work exclusively on the swiss ball is that is that I have gotten alot more 'cleavage' or depth to my chest. I don't know if this is due to the fact that the swiss ball activates the pec minor more than conventional exercises but that's been my experience.

    If nothing else someone can do some chest DB presses here to help with the stabilizing muscles in the shoulder girdle.

    -This would be DC friendly as you can do a weighted flye/stretch. I do this except with a light weight and hold it for up to 60 seconds. It has helped.