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    Before my introduction, I just want to say thank you for opening this thread and reading.

    I would like to introduce SymBiotics.

    SymBiotics is a my creation in effort to create a mutually beneficial relationship between myself and other connoisseurs of performance enhancing pharmaceuticals.

    I have read many, many UGL introductions over the last few months; and I have taken mental notes of successes and failures of others. I hope that I will be able to show those interested that I intend to be successful. I have invested considerable time, money, and labor into this venture; so success is quite necessary for me at his point.

    I do not intend to make this a large business because I am alone; so I will only be able to accommodate a limited number of customers in the beginning. I am unsure how long the beginning period will last; but as I become more acclimated to online sales I will be better able to gauge the possibility of expansion. Besides a large sum of capital, familiarity with the logistics of large volume online sales is my greatest limitation.

    About me:

    I am a full-time private contractor in a field that I absolutely love. I am at the pinnacle of expertise in my field; but, sadly, financial success in my field is dependent upon people caring about the environment. Environmental sciences have not been particularly lucrative in the last 25 years; and I have seen more and more reduction in remuneration for my services. In short, my job is to study symbiotic (more specifically, mutualistic) relationships in nature; and to provide advice for the protection of those relationships by recommending modalities to prevent destruction of their environments. My passion for these natural mutualistic relationships is the namesake of this business. As a result of my practice, I have gained proficiency in aseptic and sterile technique with solution filtration and microbiological isolation. I also live with a pharmacist, my wife; so that helps tremendously with my endless compounding questions. One of the greatest perks is that I have subscription access to an excellent pharmaceutical compounding database with exact recipes and techniques.

    I do have an apprentice that received his degree and certifications this spring; so I will be “retiring” from most of my active role in my other business in order to manage SymBiotics on a full-time basis.

    About SymBiotics:

    I began sterile filtration of hormones in oil a little over 4 years ago. I stumbled upon it by happenstance when a friend asked if he could pay me to filter large volumes of oil solutions for him. He said it was something to do with biodiesel research. I had no idea that it was steroid solutions at the time. A year or so later I found out what was going on after I had suspicions that it was not quite legal because of the large amounts of cash he always had. The money wasn’t worth the legal risk for me; so I quit doing it. Ultimately, I taught him good sterile technique and filtration; and he no longer needed my services.

    Then I began researching and obsessing about the underground steroid market; and I did computations on the amount of money to be made in the business. Let’s get past the popular untrue altruistic claims of most UGLs that they are here for the sole purpose of helping people: I’m doing this to make money.

    However, I want to make money by doing a good job and offering a good, clean, and accurately dosed product. I cannot comprehend how a person could knowingly send out a product that is improperly dosed or not aseptically compounded; but I have seen more of that than I have seen ethical business.

    My Lab:

    My lab isn’t large, by any means; but it is dedicated to only this business. No other people ever enter the building, and nothing other than items for this business are contained inside. The building is not on the property where I live or work; and it is not accessible by public roads. So I feel it is as safe as possible without being subterranean. There is ongoing construction already on a new, larger lab; but I must gauge this field and make some money before I can put anymore money into it.

    I ask that you view the photos I have been taking over the last few months in preparation for my introduction. I am beyond obsessive about cleanliness and tidiness. You may see a couple of cardboard boxes in my photos that do not appear to have a designated space; and I assure you it is driving me crazy.

    Security and Anonymity:

    My security and anonymity are mandatory; and I extend the same mandate to anyone I communicate with about this business. Details about my internet security practices will not be shared; but please know that every reasonable method is employed. I do not use any free services: I spent the money to purchase full versions of VPN, email, etc. I have 3 identical laptops that I use for dedicated portions of this business: one for email and MESO; one for ordering supplies; one for shipping labels and cryptocurrency transfers. Every email is deleted after the transaction is complete. I do suggest that the customer keep the email conversation on his/her own device for use in the event of a problem or delivery exception. I can be emailed with the same conversation string; and I will be able to research the order/problems from there. Tracking will never be given out under any circumstances.

    Containers, carriers, raw materials, and other supplies:

    I have no loyalty to any manufacturer of vials, bottles, oils, stoppers, raw materials, etc. As such, vial, stopper, and bottle changes will occur periodically and without notice. I purchase these items in large lots; but I have already found that some distributors change their suppliers frequently. The products, handling methods, and amount of product per container will not deviate between different containers.

    Through my research here I have noticed recent issues with vial stoppers; and I have read considerably about the ensuing drama surrounding these issues. Any stopper I use is supplied by a U.S. based supplier which sells the same item to U.S. based pharmaceutical companies; so stopper complaints will not be met with automatic refunds. The end user of my products will have to accept some degree of responsibility in their usage.

    Vials and stoppers are purchased in bulk and are RTS (ready to sterilize). All sterilization is done by autoclave. They are my autoclaves but they are not in my lab. I actually own two identical models which are inspected, maintained, and certified by a licensed technician. They are located at my business address; and I sterilize my items in large lots, commonly spending a full day repeating autoclave cycles.

    Compounded Oil Solutions:

    My compounded hormones in oil are currently only available in grapeseed oil. This oil seems to be the most tolerable carrier for the greatest number people; so it will initially be my only offering. Future expansion of carrier choices may be possible. Oil solutions are filtered at room temperature through the membrane filters pictured in my photos. If you are familiar with these; you will understand the expense for the initial purchase. A maximum of 4 liters of the same compound is filtered before the membrane is changed. The membrane is not simply changed; but rather the entire filter assembly is disassembled, cleaned, dried, and autoclaved with a new filter membrane in place. I own 7 of these membrane holders; so they are simply rotated every 4 liters. I use 0.2 micron nylon-66 membranes.

    All vial filling, stopper placement and seal crimping is done in a laminar flow hood. Sterile vials are filled to 12ml with a sterilized bottle top dispenser. I have many of them which are rotated after every compound. All of this effort is to prevent cross contamination of compounds. This seems to have been a common issue lately; and I really don’t see how this can happen unless items are used for multiple compounds.

    A note regarding my vial seals: I use only center tear out aluminum seals. The reason behind this is that I personally know someone who encountered legal trouble after a medically trained ex-spouse found one of the plastic flip caps in his trash. This led her to investigate and she found his supply which was used as evidence in their court case. The scenario stuck in my mind; and I used it as a learning experience to make my product stand apart from the masses.

    Liquid Oral Medications:

    My liquid oral medications are made in solution when possible; or in suspension with a USP pharmaceutical suspension vehicle. I prefer this method of administration personally. I have found containers and supplies that make the use of oral suspension/solution much easier and more reliable. While more expensive than other containers; I feel like my method of storage and delivery is better than the other choices available.
    I use the geometric dilution method currently; but I am presently building a high shear mixer which will hopefully make my oral liquid compounding much moire efficient.


    Each capsule medication is contained in a unique color combination that is used only for that medication. This is as much for my benefit as it is for the customer. In the event that there is confusion about labeling for a particular capsule; the color combination will provide the definitive identity. Capsules are supplied in childproof capped bottles with heat sealed tamper evident closures. Pharmaceutical cotton coil is included to ensure moisture protection and to prevent rattling of the capsules inside the shipping container. Fillers vary with compounds to match the particle size and density of the active ingredient. Any granular raw material is micronized by mortar and pestle before mixing with the excipient. I have an upcoming experiment with oxandrolone and a granular filler that, if it tests accurately, will make filling them much more efficient. Mixing is performed by V-type shear powder blender; and I make every batch in lots of 2000 capsules. This is done to ensure my mixer is not overloaded and powders are properly homogenized. Capsules are filled manually with the capsule holder on a plate vibrator. This was suggested by my wife and has proven to be more reliable than tamping at normalizing capsule weight among all of my test batches.


    My glassware is washed appropriately. It seems to me that many people are obsessed with this simple task; but I have not found it that difficult to clean glassware. Glassware used in oil preparation is first washed with common kitchen surfactant soap. This is done because Alconox is not efficient at removing oil contaminates. Everything is washed in an automatic dishwasher using Alcojet as the final washing step. Rinsing is done by hand with distilled water. Drying is done on whichever drying rack is appropriate.

    Sourcing Locally:

    I will not sell locally because of the risk. I gave my email address to a couple of gym friends, who asked who my source is, over the last year; and I have sold via the internet to a few people. The proceeds of those sales were used to buy my supplies.

    Sourcing on Other Forums:

    I am not a member of any other forum. As I stated previously, I do not know what demand there will be for my products; and, therefore I cannot say how many customers/forums I would be able to serve. Considering the sole proprietorship nature of my business; I would imagine that I won’t even be able to handle the full demand of the number of people on MESO. So, in short, I intend to take small steps and stop before I become overwhelmed.

    Forum Presence:

    I plan to post in my thread on a daily basis. I do not intend to answer PMs from MESO on a daily basis. I feel like all of our business should be conducted via secure email. I also hope that I am so busy replying to orders via email, that I won’t have time to answer PMs through the forum.

    Exit Strategy:

    I don’t want to work for the rest of my life. I have no idea when I would be able to quit seeking financial gains, or what dollar figure would be a comfortable stopping point. However, I do have particular goals that will take some time to achieve. When I leave, I intend for it to be announced in advance and done with professionalism and dignity.

    My Wife's Tits

    Not a chance. Of all the women I have been with, I was fortunate enough to marry the most naturally beautiful girl I have ever seen. Those perfect, natural, perky 34Ds are for me only. End of story.

    In Summary

    Please buy illegal drugs from me. They are really well made, they will help you reach your performance goals; and I need the money.

    Thank you for reading this. Please view my photos and let me know if there is more I can do to satisfy the requirements you set forth. DA9466FD-CE84-4ADE-94C6-F291FC0693D5 - Copy.jpg IMG_0076 - Copy.JPG IMG_0077 - Copy.JPG IMG_0078 - Copy.JPG IMG_0079 - Copy.JPG IMG_0080 - Copy.JPG IMG_0081 - Copy.JPG IMG_0082 - Copy.JPG IMG_0083 - Copy.JPG IMG_0084 - Copy.JPG IMG_5246 - Copy.jpg IMG_6913 - Copy.JPG IMG_6923 - Copy.JPG IMG_6925 - Copy.JPG IMG_6927 - Copy.JPG IMG_6928 - Copy.JPG

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    First. Its not friday
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    Man I was too late
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    And here we go again.
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    Well it’s not Friday god damn.
    Any lab reports on your Raws, better if you had some form of testing done.
    How do you insure each vial is accurately dosed?! Who’s your raw supplier?
    If you’ve read most source failures name the top 5 worst.
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    Good to meet you

    Lab testing?
    Or will I just take your word for it that I'm buying a particular steroid.?

    Will you offer any deals for members to get their own lab testing done on your gear, so it can be done in an anonymous fashion to ensure you didnt just send "the good shit" to a lab?

    Edit: Welcome to the shit show.
    These guys are going to grill you like a steak.
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    No list or contact info? Whatcha got?
    Oh, now i get it. Read a few of your prior posts.
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    For someone claiming to have done a lot of research prior to posting here, you're missing lab reports, email address, list and prices. You know, the most basic stuff...
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    IMG_7127 - Copy.JPG IMG_7137 - Copy.JPG IMG_7138 - Copy.JPG IMG_7140 - Copy.JPG IMG_7141 - Copy.JPG IMG_7143 - Copy.JPG IMG_7127 - Copy.JPG IMG_7137 - Copy.JPG IMG_7138 - Copy.JPG IMG_7140 - Copy.JPG IMG_7141 - Copy.JPG IMG_7143 - Copy.JPG IMG_7144 - Copy.JPG IMG_7173 - Copy.JPG IMG_7176 - Copy.JPG IMG_7177 - Copy.JPG IMG_7178 - Copy.JPG IMG_7263 - Copy.JPG IMG_7264 - Copy.JPG

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    Apologies to all.
    A maximum of 20 images can be uploaded per post. It takes some time to upload over TOR. Please stand by.
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    SymBiotics tets images_Page_01 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_02 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_03 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_04 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_05 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_06 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_07 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_08 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_09 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_10 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_11 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_12 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_13 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_14 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_15 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_16 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_17 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_18 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_19 - Copy.jpg SymBiotics tets images_Page_20 - Copy.jpg
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    Your probably working on it but product and price list? I see you have DNP. Hopefully your prices are better than the current sources we have.
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    Price list x2 should’ve been in the intro post with contact info
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    Can we cross reference these test?? I do not have enough knowledge to do this sadly.
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    So far a better start then some but time will tell. You said you have sold to some over the internet. Is there any bloodwork on your product?
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    Also what are your testing procedures moving forward with finished product and raws once things start rolling and you acquire additional supplies? Also highly recommend you donate to anabolic labs as well. I understand you are in it for the money don’t fault you there but we are invested in our family here and that’s something we care highly about
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