Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

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    looking for advice. I do not know that I have low blood sugar, diabetes or whatever. On occasions I experience several of the low blood sugar symptoms (racing heart rate, shaky, nervous, sweating, maybe some dizziness) I am also on GH started low dose at 2iu and just bumped to 5iu. I noticed these symptoms as well when I would have a BCAA drink, so I stopped drinking the Aminos. Looking for advise, or Help. Thank you
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    You could buy a monitor for $10-20 and know for sure.
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    +1 should be checking fasted bg once in a while anyway
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    Buy a monitor with strips, true trac has a good one where the refills arent so high. Some strip refills are 50 bucks, where a meter and strips can be much less.
    If you have experienced a low blood sugar event, im syre it was unpleasant and you dont want to again
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    Like it was stated below. Get a meter and check it when feeling those symptoms!! Should also talk to your doctor and they can run a A1C blood test right in the office and that will give you your average bloid sugar for the past six months!