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  1. As you all know i have been a Newport representative for many years and have very much enjoyed working with this brand and continue to stand behind it.

    However, I was approached several months ago by Syn Pharma to carry their product line. I could have easily included it in my monthly emails at that time, but I wanted to wait until I was satisfied that the product met all label claims and everything it claimed it was before offering it to my clientele. In the past few months I have spoken with many of Syn's clients, Syn representatives, and have received nothing but positive reviews and positive feedback. In fact, I cannot locate one single negative review on this brand. So I have decided to begin a cycle and personally review a handful of products. In the meantime, im very confident that the quality and consistency will match or exceed any top level brand currently available in Canada today and will soon be accredited as being the most reputable and consistent brand in this country.

    As most of you know, there has been a lot of buzz over the past 18 months or so about Syn Pharma, and even more speculation about it's origin. I can now tell you with 100% certainty that Syn Pharma is it's own entity and completely separate from Newport Pharmaceuticals. If it wasn't, i would have been carrying Syn Pharma awhile ago. This is not a “re-labelled” brand either, as some have speculated. Syn Pharma is manufactured separate and has absolutely nothing to do with Newport. And you'll notice they will not ship in the same packet simply because Newport and Syn Phama are two completely separate brands and entities. Newport is a fine brand, but Syn Pharma is a relatively new brand with an extensive line-up of products. In fact, Syn Pharma has one of the most comprehensive product lists of most other brands in this country.

    The current product list also includes a line of SARM's, non-steroidal preparations, and as an example; their newly developed solutions designed for TRT/HRT long term users that can be effectively administered once every 10 days while maintaining stable hormonal levels. There is also a SynVantage line that are multi-ingredient oils that have been carefully chosen to produce optimum results for those athletes requiring a multi-ingredient, testosterone-based blend. And for the sextueticals, Syn Pharma offers a newly designed 60 tablet 5mg sachet of "daily cialis" good for two months. In the past, clientele have expressed that 20mg was simply too much and unnecessary, occasionally causing the notorious headaches, stuffy nose, and bloodshot eyes that often accompany the 20mg does, and that a smaller but more frequent dosing would be optimum for most needs. I believe this newly created sachet addresses this issue.

    Please note that some of the products on the current list may not be familiar to the average body builder, but most of you will recognize the vast majority of them. If you're not sure about a particular name/product, feel free to send a message and I'll provide clarity for you. Of course, the above is simply a summary of a much larger and more extensive product list that i am extremely excited to offer exclusively to my clientele. Having said that, I have included the most up-to-date comprehensive product sheet with current pricing.

    If you are a current client of mine and have not yet received a SYN Pharma price sheet, please contact me and one will be forwarded immediately.

    - Northern Nutrition
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  2. Are you taking in new clients or is SYN only available to your existing clients? Are you a rep for both labs now as well?
  3. Yes, im a representative for both brands. I Sent you a PM.
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  4. Nissan

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    Is SYN open to new clients? TY.
  5. Mezzano

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    Yes very interested as well... please let us know
  6. Britz

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    SYN has a fantastic reputation already. I know a few guys running it with excellent results. Im sure they’ll be around for a long time.
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    Can you pm info?
  8. Unless im mistaken, are you not from Miami and currently residing in Alabama? If so, im unable to help you. SYN Pharma is Canadian domestic only. Sorry brother.
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    Sorry didn't see that. Thx
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    Are you still open to taking new clients????
  11. Sent you a PM.
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    I wouldn't mind giving Syn a try. Could you PM me?
  13. Done.
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    Hi Northern sent you a PM as well.
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    Hi Northern, are you still taking clients?
  16. Rosconow

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    Hi Northern, sent you a pm, tks.
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    Canada eh
  18. empedocles

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    Are you open to new clients and ship to QC ?
  19. Yes, we ship Canadian domestic. And although I do consider new clients, you have been a member here for 15 years and have only contributed twice. Unfortunately, that does not help me at all.
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    Using their torch product at the moment, very impressed so far!
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