Syn Pharma shares personal info!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by antihero, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. antihero

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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that Syn Pharma sends out monthly price lists. I loved that and love reading the new updates. What is upsetting is that instead of bcc'ing everyone this guy cc'd everyone. Now my email is in the hands of many, and I've already got random emails coming in. It is very unfortunate that they shared my information, so I will not be using this rep ever again. How could they do this!?
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  2. Rot-Iron66

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    Some people are just clueless... That sucks.
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  3. antihero

    antihero Member

    I'm sure it wasn't intentional however it's a breach of security in my opinion and very unprofessional, so if they don't make it right for everyone, I'll be using services elsewhere. I can say I'll never use that specific rep ever again!
  4. UpNorth

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    Should cc this thread lol
  5. Are you referring to me? I dont forward monthly lists anymore. And i have never sent any bulk email to clientele that was not CC'd.
  6. antihero

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    No my rep is trenharder or should I say me ex rep. NN if you are the owner behind this lab, kick this idiot in the nuts for me please!
    Sorry I should have clarified to everyone it was not northern nutrition.
  7. Thank you for clarifying this.
  8. BigNattyDaddy

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    Thanks for letting us know. Sucks that happened though.
  9. Murr321

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    I also was apart of this screw up. Sure it wasn't intentional but a bad screw up regardless
  10. Murr321

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    Did you get a random email from someone trying to push a lab called dracorex as well?
  11. GymRat20

    GymRat20 Junior Member

    clearly it was a mistake... just because a guy clicked on the wrong line of text (BC rather than CC), your going to swear off the lab for good? lol

    damn people are spoiled today, there was a time when you were lucky to even HAVE a steroid source, now people are tossing them aside for the smallest things because sources are like vape stores, a new one in town every week.

    Exercise a little forgiveness we all make mistakes, Im sure your rep would apologize if you contacted him geez man, no need to act like an asshole and call for him to get fired and kicked in the nuts and expose his email. Syn is one of the best labs available so if you wanna toss them aside and find another lab, chances are they wont be as good, so your loss.
  12. GymRat20

    GymRat20 Junior Member

    and for the record I've only used Syn once, used a few dbol's when my source was out of town.So I reap no benefit in standing up for them, I just think people are spoiled now.

    I'm sorry this happened to you and to others, but if you thought you were completely anonymous before this happened, you were very wrong, internet sales are far from anonymous and untraceable.
  13. Gbro

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    It was hard to understand gymrat with all that Syn dick in his mouth.
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  14. rpbb

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    I would swear that lab off, plenty that don't screw up
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  15. Ophydian

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    That’s the great thing about today is that the average bloke on here has access to numerous quality sources so the consumer will dictate the market not the supplier.
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