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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BBC3, Jan 31, 2017.

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    I have been swearing for a couple of years some of the cheap-ass beverages I buy from time to time have un-natural alcohol in them... I may have been right.... But supposedly I they could not have yet... YET...

    I think the first thing I am gonna do with this is work up a special dish - MAYBEE an Alfreo... LOL

    Hey America, you can now buy powdered alcohol
  2. ickyrica

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    I wish the packies around me still had alcoholic whip cream
  3. MindlessWork

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    I love Baileys Irish Cream mixed in whipped cream!
  4. Sk8man101

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    Ethanol (alcohol) is a byproduct of yeast eating sugar.
    I don't think there is such thing as a difference between synthetic alcohol and nonsynthetic, I mean this isn't 10w30.

    I only drink grass fed, vegan, free range beers that vape and work two jobs as a barista.
  5. rocco-x

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    I bought powdered water...just add water, stir slightly and drink. But whatever I can't finish I don't pour down the drain...don't wanna pollute the environment.
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  6. ickyrica

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    Palcohol is legit. Massachusetts banned it with the whipped cream. Well, not sure if it's banned. Nobody sells it anymore.

    It didn't taste like anything to me personally...
  7. Sk8man101

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    Have you tried injecting it to bypass the liver?
    I usually take mine PWO.
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  8. ickyrica

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    Bump it off a key maybe?
  9. BBC3

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    Its a fukload of power per drink. One would have to figure out a way to condense it to make any quick and potentiated use of it.. Im thinking its got plenty of water molecule in it. Kinda like that old original sugar like creatine.. the question is WHAT is the melting point of the "root molecule"...