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    Does anyone have insight on the percentage of silica that is in synthol? I have been searching many many forum and across the web, yet have not came across one person who says anything about the actual percentage or what it would consist of. I currently Homebrew AAS and I'm not new to this, however I have utilized synthol in the past and I would like to Homebrew my own as I simply don't agree with the extreme mark up on these items. Simple answers are preferred, alot of threads get off topic, I would simply like some insight on the percentage of silica, as well as lidocaine if possible.
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    Don't know if my man @Wunderpus would know, but I'd say he's got an idea at the very least, maybe :)

    Good luck...
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    I have no idea...
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    Do you really want silica in your body?
    I don't think so. Silica is pretty much purified sand. Maybe you'd never completely get rid of silica in your lifetime. Look at kidney stones. Silica is worse, it has ZERO solubility.

    To make things worse who knows what kind of silica you'd end up buying?
    Silica particles tend to have rough edges by itself damaging tissue.

    If anything save to get a real surgeon to draw fat from your belly, process it, and inject it in your lagging bodypart.
    Calf augmentation with autologous tissue injection. - PubMed - NCBI

    No-silica synthol is already too risky.
    85% MCT
    7.5% lidocaine
    7.5% Benzyl Alcohol (I knew some guys who brewed it at only 2% BA it went smooth they said) I guess high BA irritates muscle which may make it look bigger, but also damages it and makes it painful once lidocaine is gone.
    Synthol is way safer (actually less risky is the proper word) is you inject a few mLs spaced weeks apart.

    Hope this helps

    BTW which bodypart do you want to inject in?
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    Yes in high amounts silica is unwanted, however I would like a small amount, otherwise MCT oil is just the same as gear and will be absorbed. I would be injecting in all muscle groups over time most likely.
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    Be very careful choosing the proper silica type.

    I guess they used some kind of silica GEL
    but don't just inject those desiccant bags
    see if you can get cosmetic surgery grade silica
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    There's a lot of different types of silica powder. I use it to kill bed bugs.
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    Subbing for the answer, if you find your solution post it up OP.
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    I use in hyluronic acid its like silica in real synthol
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    @master.on - Thanks!

    Question about the reciepe,
    Lidocaine, is it 7.5% powder lidocaine or injection ready lidocaine?
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    Idk if he is the right person to ask man.
    Research the people you are getting advice from bro.
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    This recipe advice is not written in stone, i will search around.