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  1. Anybody have an idea of the amount of oil you loose using a syringe filter? Example if I filter and want 10ml in a bottle I will lose some that left over in the filter It’s not much just trying to get an idea.So I’d probably want to fill a little extra to actually get the 10ml?

    Also what’s the capacity of the .2 30mm filter? Like what the most you can put through it before having to change them 20-30ml?
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    100ml through a syringe filter with Pharma grade oil. I would say 30mm diameter membrane would hold slightly over 1ml
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  3. I have 100ml of test c and my Fucking Buchner porcelain funnel cracked. I have Whitman’s on hand from previous brews so I’m going to try and use them to finish this. Also it’s not pharma oil must it is mct from GNC....
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    You can minimize the lost oil by sucking in a syringe of air after the last oil is filtered and then push that air through the filter. When the bubbles start coming out of the needle attached to the filter, you or done and most oil will be pushed out of the filter
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    Damn bro. Yiy still didn't get that handled and had to resort to a syringe filter that fucking sucks..
  6. The new one will be here next weekend from amazon. I gotta have this shit done by Wednesday because I’m leaving for my sisters wedding in California. Lol dudes are waiting on this shit.
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    You would have been better with a disposable bottle top