Syringes and Needles???

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Ice-T4444, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Ice-T4444

    Ice-T4444 Junior Member

    where is the best place with reasonable prices?

    EPOWER Member

    i use getpinz. com seem to be good price and fast shipping.
  3. solo47

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  4. unt0ld

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    yeah androusa hooked me up with a myotape for free.
  5. bigvx5

    bigvx5 Junior Member

    getpinz..had stuff in 3 days..
  6. Ironhorse

    Ironhorse Member

    getpinz is top notch. I always get my stuff in QUICK.
  7. lambsbread

    lambsbread Junior Member

    research is the way to go!!!

    EXCELLENT SERVICE, lightning fast shipping. awesome packing, great prices!! cant go wrong... i have used them a couple times... best one IMO
  8. HDH

    HDH Member

    They are on a break and not taking orders.

  9. advanced-stealth

    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    gpzservices for USA and Canada.
  10. Benny_Da_bull

    Benny_Da_bull Junior Member

    I've found anrousa to be top notch.:cool:
  11. solo47

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    Canada GPZ never have the size of slin pin I use for GH. 27g seems to be their smallest needle. I order from USA Androusa and arrives safe and fast. (Tell GPZ Canada to get some 30 gauge slin pins and I'll come home again.)

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  12. Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    Getpinz has been perfect everytime
  13. t3adubb

    t3adubb Junior Member

    I Just go to the Rx and Have them there in US or order them, for you, thats what I had to do, it only takes 2 days, Go Drive through if they ask what for just say hormone replacement or just what it is . All They had was 30g and i needed 20-22g so its all good. Good Luck
  14. novicebb

    novicebb Member

    Where did you hear that from HDH?
  15. HDH

    HDH Member

    They are back up now but you can't get research chems at this time.

  16. lambsbread

    lambsbread Junior Member

    HDH, i think u may be mistaking sites... i was talking about research not research lab my site dont sale chems... just vials oils syrenges..etc.
  17. HDH

    HDH Member

    We are talking about the same site. You just have to have a different link to be able to get the ancillaries. Then you can go to the main page that you are talking about but you can't go from the main page to the ancillaries ;)

  18. juggernaught

    juggernaught Member

    did they change the link because i havent been able to get mine to work in a week or two
  19. novicebb

    novicebb Member

    I wonder if any order certain products ordered from sites like researchsupply will garner the attention of the alphabet boys.
  20. J DUB

    J DUB Junior Member

    If you ordered a couple 10mL vials and some oil or something I doubt it, but for people who ordered bulk vials, filters, etc. they are probably going to get busted if they haven't already been. In case you haven't heard, those sites have already garnered attention of the federal agents and they have used credit card records of sources purchasing from such sites as evidence against them. I personally wouldn't even think about ordering anything related to manufacturing AAS, as they are really onto the UGL scene now and it is effectively over- in truth, it's amazing it lasted as long as it did.. This makes me glad I got out of this a long time ago. I hate the laws as much as everyone else here but they are going after steroids like its crack or something.