T-3 liothyronine liquid recipe?

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    Making a batch for myself, just want to be 100% sure that I get this right the first time as I "only" have 1g of powder and I live in a place where it's very hard to get even that. So don't want to spoil it.

    So my question; what's a good recipe and solvent(s) to use?

    Please note, I can't get everclear as it's illegal where I live but I can get other alcohols (not meant for human consumption), solvents like BA, PEG etc. I can also acquire.
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    Our recorded recipe and step by step handling for your reference. Comments are welcome as well.

    Making Liquid clen or t3


    By Lozgod with some modifications by SV-1

    NOTE: Messing with these two compounds can be very dangerous, don't **** with them unless you really know what you're doing, or you could wind up dead.... yes dead. See article below.

    Distiled Water

    Benzyl Alcohol

    Clen or T3 Powder

    Digital Scale

    Bottles and droppers (with measurements on droppers)


    Latex Gloves

    Tyvek Suit

    Duct Tape

    Glass Stir

    Painters Mask

    Sterile Environment

    Large 12 Liter liquid container (bucket will suffice)

    Making 100mcg/ml clenbuterol (This recipe will work for T3 as well).

    If anyone notices any incorrect math let me know, but I think I am on the money with this.

    The BA is strictly for dissolving powder and keeping the finished product sterile, believe me there's nothing more disgusting then going to take your daily dose and finding that some bacteria has set up a colony in your shit (been there done that). So we are going to use 1% in this recipe.

    This recipe is to convert 1 gram of powder (if my math is correct it will make 10,000 doses!!!!).

    Clen or T3 Powder = 1 Gram

    BA = 100 mL

    Distiled Water = 9.9 Liters (9,900 mL). Yes that is liters, that is not a misprint, again this is assuming my math is correct.)

    Step 1. Put on Tyvek suit. Safety is a must with Clenbuterol.

    Step 2. Put on painters mask.

    Step 3. Put on gloves. Taping them to the suit is optional.

    Step 4. Measure powder with scale. You want to 100% sure for dosage purposes.

    Step 5. Add powder to beaker.

    Step 6. Add BA stir to dissolve.

    Step 7. Place water in large container.

    Step 8. Add Clen or T3 mix to water and mix very well.

    Step 9. Place in to bottles and add top.

    Final product should be 10 liters of Clen or T3 at 100mcg/ml.

    This recipe is for fictional entertainment purposes and should not be attempted. These are dangerous chemicals. It is also a theory and has not been done in practice.

    CLEN @200mcg/ml

    -IMO there is only one way to do this before you have to make this stuff in buckets...very simple...

    -step one- measure out 0.2g's (yes thats a fraction of a gram, you read right)

    -pour 200mls of everclear into a mixing dish of some sort, or beaker

    -add the 0.2g's of clen powder, and apply low heat...this is very easy to dizzolve so be patient and dont get carried away.

    -after its dizzolved pour the dizzolved solution into a big container of some sort...i use a gallon water jug with the top cut off.

    -then add 800ml's of distilled water...

    -BAM!...you have 1000ml's of liquid clen @ 200mcg/ml

    - draw it out and fill 50ml or 100ml vials and your done...


    1. Dissolve 1 gram of clenbuterol powder in 1 liter of distilled water. Using long dishwashing gloves and a surgical mask and open the plastic bag with the clenbuterol powder under the water. Make sure all of the clenbuterol is out of the plastic. Remove plastic and stir solution.

    2. Dilute with 8.9 liters of distilled water. Add 1 liter at a time and stir well after each addition.

    3. Add 100 mL of benzyl alcohol and stir well.

    3. Filter solution through a .22 micron syringe filter into sealed sterile vials. Change filters after every liter.

    This yields 10 liters of injectable clenbuterol dissolved in water at 100 micrograms per milliliter.
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    Thanks! I'm a bit conserned about the storage / degradation of liothyronine in a water suspension. But on the other hand, DMSO is the other option and I have no idea which one could be better for shelf life.
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    Sorry, there is no more advice on its stock.