T-bol experience and dose?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by ChaseQ, May 1, 2010.

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    ChaseQ Member

    I was wondering what the general take was on T-bol (turinabol).

    Recommended dosage and so forth.

    Ive heard you can expect something between anavar and D-bol. That leave a pretty big window in my opinion.
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    billyb1966@hushmail.com Junior Member

    hey say t-ball is more or less like a combination of d-biol and anavar. i use 10mg/day but, i take all40mg 1.5-2hrs before workout. dont bother with the 10mg every vels constant. no need its out of ur system before next dose. no need to be taking t-bol at 9pm at night.

    very good for dry, hard vascular look. no bloating and fairly good strength increase.

    i was on last 6 weeks of cycle


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    ChaseQ Member

    Thanks. Im a little confused though. You recommend 10mgs on the days you dont work out and 40mgs before a workout?

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    cutler-bound Junior Member

    80mg ed and tbol seems to fizzle out as far as results at 3 weeks or so. it is a good finisher though.
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    cutler-bound Junior Member

    oh and i ran this before too:

    wk 1-6 test prop @ 100mg ed
    wk 1-6 anavar @ 100mg ed
    wk 1-6 tbol at 80mg ed

    i capped the var and tbol together and called it turnivar.......great cycle above

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