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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KBD, Aug 12, 2009.

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    KBD Member

    I hear t3 can be catabolic, im running Test Cyp 250mg a week with Deca @ 300mg a week and EQ @ 300mg a week (For appetite increase). (If you all didnt know that already)

    I was thinking about running either T3 or clen, just curious as which one is better at fat burning (Along with diet and exercise of course).

    Is that cycle enough to prevent T3 catabolism? Or should i just stick with clen? Help me out bros :D
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    First of all up your test bro to at least 400mg a week.
    You can run t3 on your cycle, I'm not a fan of it but that's my choice. You can run the clen as well, it depends what you like better.
    I actually like ECA better then clen lately.
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    KBD Member

    Well im eating alot, so im gaining fat that im not liking. I tried clenbuterol before it worked pretty well, i got vascular. Im just worried about my thyroid on t3, which one is better reported for fat loss?

    As for bumping test up to 400, im scared man, i really dont want gyno. Hows 375 a week sound lol :].

    But even if my test is at 250mg, with the deca and EQ is it still enough to prevent catabolism of T3?
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    jasthace Member

    t3 is better for fat loss,but it is catabolic and may also rob your muscle ATP stores,if run at too higher dose,for too longer period, leaving your muscles depleted and feeling weak and flat.
    But it is fucking great for burning fat stacked with clen,Just run the t3 low and for no more than two weeks imo.The next time round {my t3 and clen is on the way} I'm going to run them for one week runs,With clen up to 100mcg and t3 at only 40mcg,with daily cardio and weight training EOD.
    When not running the clen/t3 I'll drop the cardio and do more weights.
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    KBD Member

    What about the thyroid recovery, wont i start to gain weight again once i come off it?
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    Yeah, the 25mg a week will make a huge difference, LOL
    Are you taking anything while on your cycle for gyno to keep it at bay?
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    KBD Member

    Nah cause my doses are low, I was taking alot of test my last cycle without any A.I.

    Around 750mg of sust a week.

    Now im running a low test dose so im not too worried about it, its been 3 weeks and no sign of gyno problems. I started taking B6, to try and keep prolactin down from deca. I dont notice any signs of prolactin levels raised but just to be cautious, got some B6.

    But im gaining fat and im training really hard and im not liking it at all, so i though t3 would help me keep some of the unwanted weight off.

    I have also read that T3 can enhance AAS effectiveness? Is this true?
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    KBD Member


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