T4 and GH

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  1. 3ml

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    Anyone use T4 alongside their GH? If so did you notice a benefit? What was your T4 dosing
  2. Mighty-mouse

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    I took it at 150mcg while dosing 5iu a day on optis

    My T4 levels remained in range and t3 was great.

    I stoped the past two weeks and my T4 was low and my T3 was low as well

    Started back today dosing 50mcg and will see how that will do on my next blood pull.
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  3. I am on t4 year round

    Maybe Its just feels, but I had to throw on an additional 25mcg on top of my regular dosage to feel the same when I run GH

    I wont be pulling my next bloods for about 6 weeks unfortunately
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  4. Mighty-mouse

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    Are you T4 dependent?
  5. Yes sir
    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  6. Mighty-mouse

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    Ahhh I see. Yeah I would def increase T4 intake when on hgh then.
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  7. lilhawk

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    I do t3 and T4 combo. 25mcg T3, 75 mcg T4.
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  8. B Ware

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    Recent blood work while on hgh showed I had low t3 and that my T4 was in over drive trying to replenish it. I am now taking 100 mcg of T4. I’ll have bloods pulled in two weeks to see where the added T4 puts me at.
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    Thanks for the info fellas
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  10. Are you on T3 for medical reasons or BB?
    When I run 25mcg, I feel tired all the time.
    Around 30mcg is the sweet spot where I feel normal.
  11. lilhawk

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    Since I started using GH years ago it has always been low end.